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Fort William 2012 World Cup to host a 4x World Series round

Fort William 2012 World Cup to host a 4x World Series round

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Good news for 4x riders and fans, the Fort William organisers have announced they will host a 4x world series round at the World Cup in June.

The 4x World Series is taking shape after the UCI dropped 4x from it’s 2012 World Cup calendar . We’re still waiting for the full dates but this is great news for fans and riders allike.

From the Fort Bill Facebook:

The UCI ‘deleted’ 4X from the World Cup calendar for 2012, but Fort William is delighted to confirm that we’ll be hosting a round of the 4X World Series on Saturday 9th June, with the downhill on Sunday 10th June. So it’s business as usual, with the World’s top 4X riders starring on Saturday afternoon and downhillers on Sunday.

Early bird tickets are available for the Fort Will World Cup at fortwilliamworldcup.co.uk

Anneke Beerten

Anneke Beerten facing the press after her 2011 Fort Will 4x victory

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  1. Laurens

    That is some excellent news – and a win-win situation.
    The organizers of Ft Bill’s worldcup DH race were afraid that the number of spectators travelling all the way to Scotland would be decreasing sharply with only a DH race on schedule. With an EFS race on board, it almost looks like a normal gravity-racing weekend, despite the UCI’s crap decision to give 4X a boot.
    Thumbs up to the organizers in Ft Bill and to Chris Roberts and the dudes at the fourcross alliance. Keep on kicking ass!

  2. thebaker

    Great news, will make the weekend what it should be. Saturday night is always good with the 4X on. Cannot wait.

  3. B-Roadie

    Don’t see it making that much of a difference to be honest. No one travels to Fort William to watch 4X, they watch it because it’s on.

  4. Chris Roberts

    The new 4X World Series is going forward with the commitment from the World Cup organisers that can see 4X is a real added value to a world cup weekend.

    The fact that we have Organisors from previous World Cup venues wanting a round of this new Series just goes to show that they see the value of 4X, you only have to look at the photo to see the thousands of people watching.

    You don’t have to like 4X to watch it, (stickman) but they are all there on race night watching the excitment of some of the most skill full bike riders on the planet racing bikes.

    Exciting times are ahead for 4X this is only the start of what is to come.

  5. g

    does this now mean that as it isnt UCI sanctioned the track can be changed so that it isnt the usual 4X borefast and first straight drag race?

  6. Lucifer

    The trend in sports is obviously: faster, shorter and more excitement. Who is watching a whole stage of de Tour de France ? Exactly ! Almost nobody, just the last half our, because that is the moment that something could happen.

    So what suits better than 4X ? Every run is short, fast and exciting !

    Keep up the good work guys !

  7. g

    your right lucifer every run to the first turn is exciting, its a shame that action cant be spread out to the rest of the track and longer than 5 seconds.

  8. Chris Roberts

    Yep G quite obvious that you were not at Ft Bill watching this year.
    Your lost mate, if you dont like it fair enough but it seems you are botherd enough that you actually read about it?

    You should come & watch it in Ft Bill next year you might surprise yourself.


  9. Morgan

    While I’d agree in part with the above comment regarding 4X races being decided in the first corner, thanks to Rowan Sorell’s track changes last year, Ft Bill provided some awesome and equal racing. By cramming the first straight with features meant that it wasn’t all about who could pedal the most (Graves), but who could work the bike most efficiently and accurately through the terrain. Hence Graves took an early shower last year; his gate choice was not to blame, more his depandance on his overwhelming pedal power.
    It’s Ironic to note that the UCI changed the rules of 4X last year, halving the distance from the start gate to the first feature (10m down to 5m I think). 5 meters is a lot of pedaling space, so by smashing in some interesting features straight away (a la Snowboardcross), you lessen the importance of the gate start and frantic pedal frenzy, and put mor emphasis on pumping and line choice.
    In my opinion, that’s one of the downfalls of 4X tracks: there’s too much space to pedal between features. It hasn’t mattered if you screw something up, as long as you get back on the gas quick enough, you can keep your lead. Riders behind can rarely use tactics, alternate (and usually slower) lines, or wait for the leader to make mistakes, because the leader can always pedal away out of trouble. 4X needs less pedaling, and more features per meter, meaning riders will find it much harder to have a clean run, especially with 3 other riders fighting against them and putting the pressure on.

  10. Big dog

    Fort William in 2011 was the best world cup of the year with every race being fun an exciting.
    Last year there was lots of moves made with people jumping and not jumping the rocks and also the corners before made it interesting.
    The crowd at fort William is one of the best of the full world cup rounds they get behind the racing and make it one he’ll off an amazing atmosphere.

    Glad to be racing here in 2012.

    Glad to see 4x is back and it’s going to be a good year lets hope everyone gets behind it and supports everyone who is making it possible for 2012

  11. g

    morgan that is precisely what i think it should be like. I wasnt necessarily referring to ft.bill in my comments.


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