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Forest Of Dean Uplift Service

Forest Of Dean Uplift Service

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Flyup Downhill will start an uplift at the Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire on 29th May.
Simon is the founder of Flyup Downhill, a new MTB Uplift Service coming to the Forest of Dean Cycle Centre, Near Coleford, Gloucestershire on May 29th 2010.
Using a modern mini bus and purpose built trailer, the service will operate from Friday to Tuesday 52 weeks a year and will cater for up to 16 riders a day.
A typical day will start at 10am and end at dusk during the winter months. In summer the service will start at 10am and officially end at 6pm.

The service will run from Friday to Tuesday and will cost £20.50 for a full weekday and £23.00 for a full days uplift at the weekend/bank holidays.

forest of dean uplift

The aim is to allow riders coming to the Forest of Dean to enjoy the good bits, riding downhill and put an end to the effort involved in pushing to the top.
As a rough guide, users can expect up to 15 runs in a day. The centre has a mixture of trails from short, technical sprints to longer flowing runs with jumps and drops, most of which can be linked to tailor make a personal track. In addition to the uplift service, the center has a bike shop, cafe, bike wash and toilets giving riders who choose to an opportunity to refuel and relax before jumping on the bus for the next run down.
There are numerous camp sites and B&B’s within minutes of the site for those coming from further a field.

The web site is now live at www.flyupdownhill.co.uk and you can email Simon any questions you may have to info@flyupdownhill.co.uk or call 01453 873533

  1. Taylor Williams

    yeahhhhhhhhhh boi what about the costs ?

  2. Mez Eldridge-Tull

    Taylor all details are on their website… http://www.flyupdownhill.co.uk/

    I’m guessing its the same kinda thing at Cwmcarn, mini bus with a trailer like theirs.

    Anyone know where it will drop riders off at the top??

    Awesome.. An Uplift 1 mile from my house :-) Jealous Much?

  3. Rick

    Prices are on the flyupdownhill website. £23 for weekends and bank hols, £20.50 for weekdays.

    Half day and single trip tickets also available, so check their website.

  4. Nath

    thats a fair price. im in

  5. G

    £23, screw that, its not even a bad push. fair enough for cwmcarn where it is near impossible to push to the top. but at FoD you can easily get 10 full runs in a day pushing. plus it keeps your fitness up.
    guess its good for the centre bringing money in and all, as im sure people will pay. but ive been riding there for 10 years for free, no way am i going to be paying that price for what is a 20minute push.

  6. Morgan

    I’ll stick to getting six mates, a van, £3 each for fuel, and upwards of 20 runs a day

  7. geetee

    Nothing like supporting our sport is there.

  8. JK

    £20+ !!! no chance, i’ll keep pushing or get a mate to bring his van. supporting / exploiting!

  9. George Hill

    thats way too expensive for FoD, the tracks are all pretty average and short, you might as well save you money and push

  10. supercow

    Excellent, can not wait for this service!
    Love FOD, HATE the push!

  11. B

    An uplift is a top idea and for only £20!……….. Who the hell has posted that it is only a 20 minute push up! It is a right pain in the ass, I rode the 661 there a while back and let me tell you it was not fun pushing, if you want to keep your fitness up you can push my bike up for me if you want!

  12. Mez Eldridge-Tull

    The push aint that bad! I guess us locals are used to it. There are several quick ways to push up.

    Time goes quicker too when your pushing up with mates!

  13. ...

    @B, i ride there most of the time and its not that bad a push, you must just be seriously out of shape cos i aint that fit and i dont mind the push, personally think its the best push to ride ratio than anywhere else ive been.

  14. nismo

    whether you use it or not it has to be a good thing for our sport, i am sick of whinging people always knocking something good. simon at flyupdownhill has got off his backside to try and make this work with the forestry commission.
    You moan about the price, but you have to take into factors like, a cut the forestry commission take, insurance, equipment, vans, fuel and then at the end a very small/medium salary.
    All to provide a service that some of use will use and some won’t.
    If you don’t want to use it no problem, lets have some positive comments again. rant over…peace.

  15. crazee

    well said nismo this guy is trying to provide a very much needed service that this country doesn’t have enough of and all people can do is knock it beofre its even started. ive checked out the website and he’s even offerin under 16s £2.50 a go which lets face it the majority of people who think £20 is alot must be under 16. and as for those who have a mate who will drive a van, I could be wrong but surely if the forestry commission is allowing an ‘official’ service to operate then the ‘unofficial’ ones will have to stop!

  16. nismo

    i think the other chap is refering to his mates driving them up the road, not the fire road in a battered transit with no insurance for loose passengers probably.

  17. Morgan

    Ok, look at the maths. (this is all done assuming full bookings)
    5 days uplift (Fri-Tue) = £107.5
    £107.5 X 16 riders = £1720
    That’s a pretty big turnover for five days work every week. Now I’m not suggesting that the £89440 (£1720 x 52 weeks) annual revenue is solely profit. I understand that first off the vehicles need to be bought, insured, fuelled etc. But once running that’s still a big net turnover.
    Anyway, I’m not really criticising the big scale economics here, that’s all sound. The problem here is the cost for the riders, on a track that (as many have previously mentioned) is an easy push up. If you don’t think it’s an easy push, try lugging a full on DH bike and kit up Cwmcarn in the pouring rain and then compare the two. Trust me, in my experience pushing at the FOD is easy.
    So yeah, £20+ per rider is a bit prohibitive on a track that doesn’t fully warrant an uplift. Especially a track where locals would rather push than pay that amount of money. A track where locals often section parts, or section other tracks at the top of the hill, so don’t want to be confined to getting their money’s worth by doing back to back full runs all day.
    So then, (and according to my logic) it looks like the uplift will be used mainly by non-local visitors looking to jam their day full of riding. No bad thing I guess. But what about the locals? The people who ride here the most?
    Why not just charge per lift and do away with booking? Sure people might not get a lift exactly when the want it, but it would cater for locals wishing for just two or three lifts so they can session, and for visitors wanting to get back to back runs in. How about dividing the trailer, so only 8 places are pre-booked on a half/full day basis, and the remainder are for on the day, first come first serve, individual run basis? I guess it will take some time to see how big the market is, and exactly what the demand is. It could be that the uplift is fully booked every day all year
    Looking at the breakdown it costs £1.53 a run per rider, based on weekend fees of £23. (£23/15 runs). Up it to £2 a run and I think more people would be happy to buy a couple of runs for the day.
    I can honestly say as a local I’d never pay £23 for a day, but would be tempted to part with a tenner for a handfull of lifts over the course of the day. I’d imagine (but could be wrong) that many other locals would feel the same way.
    Anyway, good luck with the venture. It’s no bad thing at the end of the day, and with any luck it will attract more riders to the area. Which in turn will bring more profit for cycling, as well as more demand for new tracks. It’s not detrimental to the FOD, but a bit limiting to the locals who provide year round support.

  18. Morgan

    Oh, and some more maths for you. There are 240 individual places a day (16 spaces x 15 uplifts) Charging £2 a run would net you £480 a day, as opposed to the £368 earned by charging 16 riders £23 a day.
    This £2 a run can be charged 5 days a week, netting you £2400 a week (opposed to £1720 from prebooking at current prices)
    In turn this ups your current gross profit of £89440 to £124800, an additional £35360! More than a third extra! I’m no accountant, but that’s a lot of potential extra cash.
    OK, now I understand that by not prebooking there is a risk that the trailer will not always be full, and as such you’ll loose money. But you have a £35k safety margin to play with.
    Maybe this is something you’ve not considered? Maybe I should have trained as an accountant?
    Oh, please feel free to check the maths. I could be totally wrong here, and if so my arguement is totally void.

  19. sez

    Morgan you seem to of forgotten to add in to your amazing figures the sum’s of what this guy might actually have to pay out in order to run the service? have you seen the cost of diesel at the moment? and as a local you will know already that the guy is paying an amount per rider to the forestry commission in order to help maintain and develop the tracks up there? besides have you done the figures on what Cwmcarn must be making based on your maths!!!! No one is suggesting everyone will be up for this service, you are entitled to your views and that’s cool but there are some of us that couldn’t care less about what this guy might make just that it’ll give some of us a chance knock the push up on the head and ride. peace.

  20. nismo

    peeps seem to forget vital things in the maths workings, as a starter for ten,heres just some…..
    the cost and running costs of the van, trailer,insurance, VOSA test, fuel, driving license(don’t think most people on here have a D1 on your license)money to the forestry commission,wear and tear on van, and thats just a start.. you have no idea ! you maths for takings (not that i care) are well out based on conversations with simon.
    I tried out the service for free two weeks ago, to help with the initial trial before any bookings were taken. simon even gave a few lads who were rising a free uplift as well as there was room on the trailer.
    The magazines have done there test/press day as well recently.
    basically either use it or not, to many people slag off good things, i can’t wait till the start date…. i love the FOD and the multiple track combinations make it still interesting everytime you ride.
    i one afternoon testing i didn’t ride the same track twice…

  21. rhys

    im recently moving near the Fod and never been on the track there some people say its hard some say easy i might get the uplift one w/e then walk up the next depending on what the push is like.

  22. leila

    i dont believe people arr moaning bout this locals can still push if they want! This country is lagging behind say the alps and other places we need more uplifs everywhere to generate interest and investment into the sport, considering we dont have ski lifts in england and still have top riders in the world is amazin , imagine if something like this generated enough business so that some rich backer invested in a ski lift eventualy say on a proper long descent with lots of tracks etc, it would be good for local business and create jobs while obviously being amazing for riders. This may sound like a long shot but we need to look at the bigger picture and think ahead . all the nit picking about numbers is irrelevant. I dont own a car and get the train up so have to get as much riding in as i can as my local trails are rubbish for downhill. even with an uplift we still cant get as much practice as those in the alps etc, i want t compete before im old god dammit !


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