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Fix It Sticks On Kickstarter

Fix It Sticks On Kickstarter


How’s that for timing! We’d literally just finished our rundown of our five favourite multitools and then an email lands in our inbox telling us about what looks to be one of the best multitools that we’ve ever seen. The idea is so simple, yet we reckon it’ll work an absolute treat.

At the moment the Fix It Sticks are only at the prototype stage, but now founder Brian Davis is looking to get investment in the idea through the crowd funding website Kickstarter.com, which he will then use to put them into production. So what do you reckon? Great idea? If so then check out his Kickstarter page here.

In the mean time here’s the full press release with more details on the idea…

Fix It Sticks Launches a New Twist on the Bicycle Multitool on Kickstarter

Minimalist two-piece design offers increased leverage, durability

APPLETON, Wis. – January 16, 2013 – One of the most trusted tools in any cyclist’s workshop – the three-way hex wrench – inspired a radically redesigned multitool from Fix It Sticks, a new company currently raising capital on crowdfunding site Kickstarter.com.

The campaign on Kickstarter.com begins on January 16 and runs for 30 days to raise money required for a full production run of Fix It Sticks. Backers will also be a vital source of information for product testing prior to a wider market launch in the spring of 2013.

“Using a three-way wrench last winter while training in my basement I was struck by the simplicity of the design and the ability to gain leverage to tackle my suddenly dislodged front derailleur,” said Founder Brian Davis, a Cat 3 racer in Wisconsin. “I kept thinking I’d love to have something like that on the road with me and the idea was born.”

Fix It Sticks’ minimalist two-piece design allows cyclists to customize the tools they pack in a lightweight, compact set that contains no moving parts.

Fix It Sticks underwent multiple rounds of prototyping to arrive at the current version, which will closely mirror the production tool, complete with eye-catching and durable anodized finish.

“So far, we’ve built and sourced everything in the immediate area of Appleton, Wisconsin,” Davis said. “We’ll be keeping all the production in the U.S. so we can ensure the best quality product.”

Keeping with a local, low-impact ethos, Fix It Sticks will be shipped with minimal packaging and a carrying case made from recycled inner tubes.

“We wanted to create a simple case for a simple tool,” Davis said. “If you lose the case, you can make a new one in about 30 seconds from an old tube.”

For more information about Fix It Sticks, visit www.facebook.com/fixitsticks. To visit the Kickstarter campaign, visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/fixitsticks/fix-it-sticks-a-fantastically-unique-bicycle-multi.

About Fix It Sticks

A new twist on a cycling multitool, Fix It Sticks gives cyclists a lightweight, high-leverage multitool without any excess. The unique design uses two different sticks that combine to form a T-handle. Similar to a three-way wrench found in every cyclist’s toolbox, except compact enough to ride with. More information can be found at www.fixitsticks.com.



  1. a115

    Just because it’s made in the US does not guarantee it will be “the best quality” and the way that is written implies that unless it is made in the US then the quality will be suspect.. and the idea is widely available already,, here is just one example…http://www.tactics.com/project/skate-tool

  2. steeli

    really 2 screwdrivers is all it took to impress you??? pound land sell multi head screwdrivers. no wonder i stopped reading, when what used to be a great magazine gets impressed by 2 screwdrivers in a cross. it is a sad sad day!

    1. Ed

      Do you get the kind of leverage that this tool offers from a screwdriver? No. The clever thing about this design is that you can use it like a screwdriver for low torque applications, and to get into tight spaces, and then when you need to nip something up tight you can by gaining extra leverage.

      1. steeli

        Ed i have had the greatest respect for your work over the years. i have even spoken to you a couple of times, however I have never needed extra leverage on any multi tool while on a trail. and i would not consider myself particularly strong. To anyone that dose may i suggest that they man up, do some wrist curls, and get the strength you need.

      2. Graeme Wadhams

        Ed while you’re on, why is it that my subscription to dirt magazine doesn’t let me access the online version too?

  3. oliver

    funny how the first two replies came from a pair of tools.

  4. Will

    I really like that. To start with I thought it was just someone rebranding the old skate tool design; which did work well to be fair. But having looked at the website it is much cleaver than that, kind of like the ratchet rocket, but with no moving parts could probably last forever. Any word on whether the tool bits will be a standard size, so you can swap out for different size etc?

    1. Jarno

      If the bits differ from standard ones I don’t think anyone would buy them. Looks good but some rubber layer would be useful for better grip and would feel warmer when its cold.

  5. scriz

    The design looks cool… lightweight and good torque is a plus, but pretty limited tool options, unless you want to carry a baggy of extra bits, which kind of defeats the purpose. My multitool has saved me lots of times by having the tool I didn’t think I needed… chain breaker, spoke wrench, 2.5mm – 8mm, T25, workable tire levers. Maybe this is better for roadies or a quick spin around town?

  6. Mr B

    Great extra leverage, oh but hang on, why was it Thompson went to 4mm bolts on their stems again?

  7. Mark

    No chain tool, no care


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