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FIM MX World Champions Crowned

FIM MX World Champions Crowned

James Renwick James Renwick

While we were all foaming at the mouth of a valley in Champery, the motocross world crowned two champions in Gaildorf, Germany at the weekend (it was actually four, but these are the big boys).

Red Bull Teka KTM’s Tony Cairoli came back from injury in the early part of the season to take his fifth world title, reaffirming his position as one of the all time greats and placing himself up there alongside Italy’s other two wheeled wonder boy Valentino Rossi.

MOTO’s Mikey Neale knocked up this classic moving picture masterpiece in celebration of Tony’s talent.

MPORA Action Sports >>

Great Britain’s Tommy Searle stamped his authority on the MX2 class in Germany, taking his second GP victory of the year, however it was 17 year-old wonder kid Ken Roczen that took his maiden MX2 World Title in his first year with Austrian based KTM.

What is going on with the young guns these days eh?!

Gaildorf – MX2 Class >>

  1. GT

    Crying and pikey haircuts. Nah

  2. pitboss

    who notices crying and haircuts when there’s trophy girls and hot monster energy girls at the gate? fail.

  3. Smoothwakey

    The best bit is because they got their championships early KTM is going to let them ride two strokes at the last round in italy braaaap

  4. Doctor Pastor Martin Ssempa

    Wow I thought the CRC team videos were bad! Way too much buhuu and emotions in this what happened to getting stoked the FUCK OUT

  5. Tom

    doesn’t interest me at all, isn’t there a site for MX

  6. si

    Awesome videos..its all 2 wheels at the end of the day and its good to see the emotions behind it all in my opinion. Tom if it doesnt interest you at all, why click on the link and watch the videos?!

  7. Leon

    FIM MX : Sponsored by Kleenex

  8. ronin

    dirt and 2wheels. sign me up anytime. whining and bitching about people showing emotion is actually worse than the crying. whining I believe is sponsored by Pamprin.


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