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Farmyard Din So

Farmyard Din So

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Mad Rainy Fords, Dairy Farm Dons, Randy Ma Fiords, or in other words Friday Randoms!

Wack 80 in half because some tires turn faster then others.

Indoor skydiving.

You spin me right round baby right round.

A beautiful smile.

Anybody got a funny caption for this?

Bird man.

I’m watching you.

Lepidopterist meets bicycle.

Album art. Doesn’t quite with MP3s.

A beautiful musical trio.

Big balls to land this one.

Your Song Goes Here

Suns out! Queue up your sunny weekend anthems below!

Have a good weekend you lot.

Len – Steal My Sunshine


  1. Desk Jockey Paul

    Caption competition – The new “inserted saddle” probably won’t catch on…


    i would love to see that guy on the yellow “bike thingy’ go down some steep steps!

  3. Hancock

    Fundamentals of bicycle design #1: Man rides Bike.

    #Addendum: Bike does not ride man.

  4. rob

    Big props to that pilot! cant imagine many things scarier than being in a plane and the engine stopping.

  5. rob

    excuse the unintended pun on the “big props” above…

  6. Big_Tim

    Caption: The newest member of the transformers – Buggertron – was thoroughly enjoying his first day on earth.

  7. Should be workin

    “Despite his new ridiculous bike, it was still the skinny jeans that made paul look like a twat”

  8. WTF

    This has to be a shout (out) for today’s anthem.


  9. fresh prince
  10. Phil McCracken

    the MPH clip is just brilliant… Blonde science at it`s finest…

  11. ronin

    “just cut in half” he won’t be laughing when she uses that math during the divorce settlement

  12. ronin

    “because some tires turn faster than others..” 29 vs 26 argument is officially dead.

  13. Ricky.

    Anyone else found the “I’m watching you” guy to look like Nigel Page?

  14. L.E

    The Borat bike is finaly here.

  15. gareth

    Bike picture caption.

    “today is a great day for the likes of people like rob warner. Every bike lovers dream- a grown ups set of stabilisers for the trip back from the pub”.
    This will help with the alcohol related injures that the emergency services have to deal with on a weekend.

    Well apart from the gravity based riders who have now found and ever better method of larking about whilst moving between watering holes……..

  16. glenn



  17. Nutty Dave

    “A beautiful musical trio” I don’t know if I can agree with you on that, in fact I know I can’t.
    That butterfly suit has potential for downhilling, who needs suspension when you can just get your wings out and float above the bumpy bits.

  18. Scootcat

    Photo Caption : Scootcat could never get the hang of a Biathalon!


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