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Fantasy League Mont Sainte Anne Update

Fantasy League Mont Sainte Anne Update

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The scores on the Fantasy doors after WC round #4 Mont Sainte Anne.

We have a new leader!

Tom Englander and his charming team “Whip it big for t*ts” are 75 points clear of second place Ben Arnold.

Tom’s winning team.

There’s still three rounds to go plus the World Champs so it’s still all to play for!

Click www.dirtfantasyleague.com to check on your team.

The top 25 Fantasy teams.

The winner will win a super posh Trek Slash 8.

The runner up will win a training day with Tracy Moseley.

  1. Craig B

    Well I can tell you for nowt that I’m doing shite. I could not pick a pick in a picking competition using only pick’s.

    Picked off.

  2. billy

    1752nd for me, I’m on a roll!

  3. Eoin

    In the space of 2 minutes Thirion crashed out followed by M. Hannah breaking his chain. Heartbreaking!

  4. Rmac

    I never had Gwin so I’ve no chance, tracy Hannah out for next round it seems as well

  5. grant

    my team got smoked last round. lost 600 odd places, dam you Thirion & Beer getting flats !!!

  6. marki3boy

    I’ve surged up into 1684th place!


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