Fantasy League Fort William Update

Sitting pretty at the top of the Dirt Fantasy leaders board after UCI World Cup round #2 at Fort William is Manuel Riedl with 1338 points. Good work Manuel!!! Send me a photo of you and I’ll add it here)

His team “mOKOr Racing” consists of:

Tracy Moseley £ 225,000
Greg Minnaar £ 225,000
Steve Smith £ 175,000
Duncan Riffle £ 25,000
Robin Wallner £ 25,000

Ironically enough, team “Sloppy Seconds” is in second place!

Why not check out how your team are doing in the Dirt Fantasy League with your chance to win a Trek Session 8.

Don’t forget, you have till Midnight on Thursday to make your rider transfer if you need to.

(Rider injury list: Wyn Masters arm is swollen after a knock at the Fort, he’s awaiting a doctors opinion)

The top twenty after World Cup round #2 Fort William.

Top twenty teams from Fort William.

Best team from the Fort was “mad dog” with his team of:

Greg Minnaar
Matthew Scoles
Duncan Riffle
Brook Macdonald
Rachel Atherton

Top twenty mini leagues

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