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Fantasy League Fort William Update

Fantasy League Fort William Update

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Sitting pretty at the top of the Dirt Fantasy leaders board after UCI World Cup round #2 at Fort William is Manuel Riedl with 1338 points. Good work Manuel!!! Send me a photo of you and I’ll add it here)

His team “mOKOr Racing” consists of:

Tracy Moseley £ 225,000
Greg Minnaar £ 225,000
Steve Smith £ 175,000
Duncan Riffle £ 25,000
Robin Wallner £ 25,000

Ironically enough, team “Sloppy Seconds” is in second place!

Why not check out how your team are doing in the Dirt Fantasy League with your chance to win a Trek Session 8.

Don’t forget, you have till Midnight on Thursday to make your rider transfer if you need to.

(Rider injury list: Wyn Masters arm is swollen after a knock at the Fort, he’s awaiting a doctors opinion)

The top twenty after World Cup round #2 Fort William.

Top twenty teams from Fort William.

Best team from the Fort was “mad dog” with his team of:

Greg Minnaar
Matthew Scoles
Duncan Riffle
Brook Macdonald
Rachel Atherton

Top twenty mini leagues

  1. Mrgan

    Time to swap out Kovarik I think. Two rounds, two non-starts. I hate to drop/transfer anyone, but if he’s not racing then I can’t justify keeping him. What’s the score with him anyway; have I missed some important news/injury?

  2. Paddy

    given up full time racing and gone to set up a ballerina academy in ozz

  3. Ladbrokes

    £50 Paddy wouldn’t say that to his face!!

  4. Mary

    Paddy’s having a laugh because we all know Kovarik is Rambo on a bike…and everyone loves him.

  5. ross

    shot myself in the foot and traded two riders after fort bill but before the point were added in. So no point for two of my team. poor me


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