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Fantasy League 2011 Winner

Fantasy League 2011 Winner

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Wowzers! The Dirt 2011 Fantasy League was almost as exciting as the race season itself!

Thanks to everyone for playing and big thanks to Trek for supporting the project and donating the super prize.

After 7 rounds and the World Championships we have a winner of the Dirt Fantasy League.

And the winner is…Phil Stephens!!!

(Phil get in touch and we’ll sort your prize out)

After Val di Sole the points were super close between Rob Parkin, Heikki Hall and Colin Hill with Phil Stephens back in 9th spot.

But the choice of World Champion proved pivotal, Phil Stephens went with Rachel Atherton who took second while the others chose Aaron Gwin or Sam Hill and lost vital points.

Trek Session 8

Phil will be winning a spanking new Trek Session 8

Checkout the Dirt Fantasy Downhill to see where your team finished up.

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  1. Paco

    Well done Phil!
    This was brilliant guys, really hope it returns next year…
    Thanks Dirt and Trek

  2. staike

    Congratulations! Have fun with the bike!

  3. jesse

    you single handedly ruined my chances….. -.-

  4. TrekChris

    It’s good that Parkin didn’t win. We wouldn’t have given him the bike anyway! Cheeky!

  5. Steve

    That moment where you are in fourth place and swap Cam Cole for Danny Hart before world champs, watch his AWESOME race run thinking you’ve won a bike….. then read the small print. Yeah that!

  6. TimBud

    Ha, i had Hart in my team, but had Rach as my champ. Oh well :)
    She got me to P1308 in the rankings.

  7. billy

    Okay, let’s find out who was last? Anyone worse than my 4085th position?!

  8. Gee

    5324 – thats my current rank, with just Thanks Billy, I must be close to last with just 1664 points… that said I picked out Danny and got 600 for him at the world champs

  9. kurtis

    damn fell from 8th to 13th. gwin blew it for me. stoked to be top 20 though! please do this again next year!

  10. Big Al

    Thanks for hosting such a good event Dirt. Had great fun thrashing my mates… Made me feel like a world champ myself.

  11. sihubb

    Cool, I came top of outlaw riders mini league. Wonder if they will get me a bike…lol. Goin to be harder next year though as all the young sinners came gud while being fairly cheap. I had hart and brosnan who will now be megabucks…

  12. Dirt Corps Special Ops

    Anything for the winner of the League of Leagues? DirtTV shirts or anything?

  13. samwell

    Thanks Danny hart my champion for getting me up to almost top 100 (101 exactly) instead of 500th !!!

  14. Jase

    Team manager went AWOL this year!

  15. Davikidd

    Well, i guess having Gee, Cam Cole and Rudy on my team didnt help my chances out this time lol good times everyone! congrats phil!

  16. gus

    Wise move by the winner not to pick Gwin! Supprised how many people in the top ten picked him.

    See if you can blag more prizes next year please! Might make it more interesting if there was a prize for the leader after each round.

    also thought the junior riders were not scoring points at the Worlds?

  17. Westie

    Great game, thanks. Sort of missed that you had to trade as soon as saturday before the world champs though. Still finished 34th, pretty happy with that.

    How about a return next year but changing the trade window to later in the week? Seems like a lot of people traded too late.

    Also, two trades per round would be nice. As if you want to change to a more expensive rider you also have to sell something else.

  18. gus

    Forgot to say thank you Dirt, great game!


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