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Fantasy Downhill Round 2 Fort William Results

Fantasy Downhill Round 2 Fort William Results

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

World Cup round #2 Fort William is done, dusted and the numbers crunched into the Dirt Fantasy League machine.

Check out below to see how your team is doing.

fantasy downhill

Ratt-tech #577 and Team Tenyearsafter are our new Fantasy leaders while Dan’s Pro Bikers are propping up the bottom end of the table.

(If you two leaders and one loser sends me a photo of yourselves with maybe a card board team sign I’ll post it up here)

Sam Hill’s injury has set back a few teams back but with four more rounds to go it’s still all to play for.

[table id=11]

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  1. ddmonkey

    253rd! Go team ddmonkeys!

  2. Westie

    8th. =)

    Now all I want is for Wallner to beat Danny Hart at the coming races..

  3. Cookie

    Is the rank overall or for this weekend? If its overall 754th to 49th in one weekend!

  4. SA Springbok

    Rank 120, get in! If the G-Cross team were still going then it would be the team to beat, MINNAAR, LEHIKOINEN, FAIRCLOUGH.

  5. billy

    @Cookie, rank should be for overall

  6. Nick Turp

    Wow top ten with team turpy well chuffed

  7. ste-tommo

    overtaken the Mrs now, most happy about that than anything else.

    Bring on the tech tracks for my team to shine

  8. Dan B

    dont even care where Im at now I was one of the sam hill pickers haha, looking at the rest of the tracks I reckon its gonna be Tim Wild 1st Nick Turp 2nd at the end of the season

  9. Jase

    Wow my team still haven’t gone AWOL!

  10. billy

    Happy days Jase, should be all fine and dandy this year!

  11. Becky B

    I am annoyed. My team is showing up wrong. I have Gee Atherton in my team and it says Steve Peat. Does anyone know who I can contact to get it changed as I have obviously missed out on points this time!!!

  12. billy

    Becky B, tell me your team name and I’ll change it now

  13. billy

    Becky Bland-Number 1 Ninja? Just changed it now, it’ll appear on the next one after Leogang with corrected scores, soz about that.

  14. Eoin

    Blenkinsop and Reid disappoint, especially after the timed practice and qualifying runs. Oh well, next 4 tracks should hopefully see a nice comeback from obscurity!!!

    How much was Cole going for at the start? Even if he doesnt race he was worth the money!

  15. Pez

    haha mint my team jumped up about 1000 places!!! i think i deserve a prize for that 😛

  16. MINT

    mine dropped significantly!down to the 800s now.

  17. Laff Racing

    Wooo I’m 76th! Aiming for top 50 finish!

  18. Tenyearsafter

    Pics on the way. Cole – Bargain!

  19. Mark

    Why oh why did I dropped Simmonds for Rando (MIA)!?!?! Sitting 300ish when i would’ve been 30ish :(

  20. Anthony

    Ant’s Mob up 400 places, chuffed :)

  21. Dave

    2nd equal – Whoot!

  22. Becky B

    Thanks Billy

  23. Josh P

    Barel’s injury is killing me. That and Kovarik is having rough luck this year. 1952 out of 1963, I think I got a shot for dead last after Leo.

  24. Nico

    Barel is killing me too!!! I´m going to have to reconsider his future in my team haha

  25. Ratt-tech #577

    I am working on a team sign as we speak billy!
    However due to the economy how it is i had not allowed for this in my 2010 budget

  26. billy

    @Ratt-Tech you are still leading…hurry up with the pic!


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