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Fabien Barel Wins The Riva Del Garda Enduro

Fabien Barel Wins The Riva Del Garda Enduro

The flying Frenchman, Fabien Barel, takes round two of the Specialized/SRAM Enduro Series in Lake Garda.


I bet there were a load of riders hoping that Fabien wasn’t going to be taking enduro racing too seriously, but I don’t think there was ever any hope of that. The guy is in it to win it, and that’s exactly what he did. And if anyone was thinking that this enduro racing malarky was going to be easy, then he’s just proved that you’re going to have to be at the top of game in both fitness and technical ability to be in with any chance of placing well. We’ve got a feeling that there are probably also a few riders who wish Fabien had packed in racing for good, not just DH. As far as we’re concerned though this just makes us even more excited about the forthcoming Enduro World Series.

Dan Atherton ended up in forth place with a stage win in the prologue, and it’s great to see fellow Brit Joe Barnes also taking a stage win. With victories in the last three stages though Fabien Barel was clearly on an almighty charge. God help anyone who’s trying to beat him this year because I reckon this victory will probably just make him even more determined (if that’s possible?).

Anyway, here are the results…


For full mens results click here.

And in the women’s event Anneke Beerten proved just what a class all-round act she is by pretty much wiping the floor with the competition. It was only a fraction of a second that resulted in her not taking the win in every single stage of the race!


For full womens results click here.

  1. fanboy

    Love to watch Fabien, humble, fast, the professor of MTB racing. Wish him the best in the upcoming world series!

    Also, great to see Anneke switching from 4X!

  2. scriz

    Thank you Mr. Barel, for smoking a stacked field on a 26″ wheeled aluminum bike.

    1. Gabe

      Indeed… Don’t believe (all) the hype.
      Mr. Barel, you are a legend.

  3. Eoin

    Wouldn’t take it too seriously, everyone is holding their cards close to their chest, hard to say whether Clementz and Lau gave 100%. Barel recently got beat by a few guys at a regional race, just like Gwin’s performance recently… Real racing starts next week!

  4. Jamazepam

    Good result for Ferguson Lamb there! Get in!


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