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Fabien Barel skills school in South Wales

Fabien Barel skills school in South Wales

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Calling all owners of Fox equipped, Mondraker Summums – Do you fancy riding with a 2 x World Champion?


Mondraker team leader Fabien Barel is coming to the UK to host a 3 day skills school at Cwm Carn in South Wales in conjunction with Mojo and Fox Suspension.  The school will run from the 5th – 7th of November concentrate on teaching you everything from riding fast, ride smoothly right through to your bike set you’re your suspension set-up, how to put together a race run as well as all the technical bike skills, racing tips  and pointers you could ever need.  All hosted by Fabien himself and backed up by Fox suspension.

Photos:Gary Perkin

This is a great opportunity and one surely not to be missed as you will get to spend direct time with Fabien who will help you get the most out of your riding and your bike so that you can start moving up the results sheets.  Not only that but Fox Technicians will be on hand to talk to you about suspension set-up as well as install the latest 2011 Fox 40 RC2 inverted cartridge (SRP £250) to your forks and adjust your front and rear spring weights (SRP £79)  to make sure you are getting the most from your travel.  Once that is all done Mojo will then re-value your rear shock to Fabien’s ‘team’ specification which have seen hours of World Cup testing to achieve.

What you get.

  • 3 days coaching from 2 x World Champion Fabien Barel
  • Back-up from Fox trained Mojo technicians
  • 2011 Fox 40 Inverted fork cartridge
  • Correct rear spring weight
  • Correct front fork spring weight
  • Geometry adjustments to World Cup spec
  • Re-valve rear shock to Mondraker ‘Team’ specification
  • Suspension set-up hints and tips
  • 3 days of uplift service
  • Lunch/snacks/drinks each day
  • All the advice, knowledge and experience Fab has gained over years racing at the top
  • Mondraker t-shirt
  • Mondraker socks

Cost £350 (limited places)

Call Chris at Mojo Suspension on 01633 615815 or Pete at Silverfish on 01752 843882 to book your place or to find out more.

Riders must provide their own travel/accommodation/evening meals

Visit www.mojo.co.uk/ or www.silverfish-uk.com/ for further details.

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  1. Leon

    that seems like a pretty good deal to me ! training and professionally setup bike and upgrade parts!
    If theere was a commencal/marzocchi version of this with a top rider I would be on for it!

  2. Davy boy

    Agree with the above comment!

  3. average.joe

    I feel sorry for anyone with Boxxers (or any not Fox forks) on their Mondraker

  4. Jonny

    I thought Fabien was out with his injury? That piece you guys ran in the last issue with him and his walking stick seemed to suggest he was out till next season at least anyway? Nice one if he’s fully fit again though – one of my fave riders to watch!

  5. Hancock

    Socks, SOCKS? That really is an everything and the kitchen sink type of deal.

    Whether Barel’s fully fit or not is probably irrelevant, it wasn’t his head he broke and even with one leg chopped off entirely he’d still be miles faster than any of us mortals.

  6. Alfie Polax

    Unless you’re in the top 30 in the world I think you would come out of that a better rider.

  7. Doc Wat

    Wow! I actually wish I owned a mondraker pro team just so I could go on this. Fabien alaways come across as such a professional in videos and mag interviews. I suspect he is an excellent coach.

  8. Dirt Dodger

    major bargain, and a simple question to the other mnanufacturers and teams— WHY NOT YOU ALSO ??

    This is a great opp: for advice on many things on a good track to test the advice given, setup information and advice is INVALUABLE and I think that if suspension firms such as Fox, rockshox etc did these days even without manufacturers it would be a masive hit.. I mean, who wouldn’t want this sort of help, advice and race specific gear entering the new season?? i would pay straight away!!! Shame i ride a 2010 Orange 224 evo, I wish Mojo had done something like this when they were Orange support!!!!
    Come on DIRT, can we put together something where suspension firms or guru’s could be on hand to help us mortals who have off the shelf shocks and forks??

  9. Matt

    so that will be all of 3 people who have bought mondraker summons attending then!!!

  10. ChrisPMojo

    Just a quick note to clarify our aims for the Fab DH school.

    Basically we’d love to fill the DH school with all Fox equipped Sumumms and to be honest, they don’t have to be the full ‘Pro Team’ version – framesets equipped with s/hand 2005 40s will qualify!

    We are aiming for this purely because the people on the school will be able to benefit from a ton of free Fox stuff, free technical help and World Cup mechanic standard fettling and preparation! No Fox 40, no 2011 cartridge, etc…

    If you haven’t got a Sumumm or even Fox 40s, want to learn from FB and don’t mind not benefitting fully from all the ‘swag’ elements then give us a bell at Mojo. We’ll obviously prioritise the Fox/Sumumm customers and if all 3 of those are washing their hair that weekend we’ll throw it out wider!

    DirtD with the 224 Evo, bring the head angle adaptors, we’ve got a lot of experience with the 224!

  11. Dirt Dodger

    Chris- – thanks for the post.

  12. Ollie

    That’s mental – three days with Fabien. I can’t imagine him being anything other than a fantastic coach, and with such amazing insight too – mental.

    I wish I had a DH bike, let alone a Summum with Fox 40s. I just hope they’ll run a similar course next year, when I may have managed to save up enough for my dream ride… – Sigh – !


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