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Fabien Barel says Au Revoir to Mondraker

Fabien Barel says Au Revoir to Mondraker

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

After five years together, Fabien Barel and Mondraker announce they are going their separate ways. Besides bringing Mondraker some great race results, and being an ambassador for the company Barel has been integral in the development aspect too, specifically with the Forward Geometry concept.

But where is the fast Frenchman heading? We’re hoping he hasn’t hung up his racing shoes for good and will still be racing Enduro events. One possibility would be with Canyon Bikes, Joe Barnes has talked about a French enduro rider joining him on the Canyon set up this year.








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  1. Eoin

    If Fabien ends up at Canyon, I think a lot of direct sales bike are going ot get sold, especially seeing what YT are showing off on their site at the moment. The team would be quite the odd couple tho: the most professional and the least professional (both in a good way of course), would make for some good team edits!

  2. Dwayne

    Recently bought a Canyon and receive newsletters from them. Today’s informs me that they’re opening a new uk hq – which anyone who has had to deal with previous uk customer service will tell you is very good news. Perhaps the new hq and the barnes signing is a sign of growth. It would be great if Barel got on-board. If only so I can feel smug about getting one before him.

  3. ddmonkey

    Interesting…. I got the impression Fabien was over racing completely, but will be good to see what happens next!

    1. Dan

      Pretty sure it was just world cup level he retired from.

  4. Matt

    So Mondraker lose Brook and Fabien, who will be riding for them next year?

  5. Lurch

    Oh damn, where’d Brooke go? We don’t hear nothing in nz lol.

    1. Skootur

      Its been on most MTB websites, but just cos you obviously haven’t heard he is leaving Mondraker for TWR (Trek).

  6. Hristo Tanev

    He is going to Canyon.

  7. ronin

    curious who will push the direct mount for mondraker.

  8. tom e

    Damien Spagnola now has the chance to be top rider. i think it will do him good and we’ll see him in the top 10 overall


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