Exclusive: Saracen Myst DH

We’ve got some sneak preview shots of the new Saracen Myst DH which is due to be unveiled at the Madison Ice Bike show this week.

We spoke to Simon Wild from Saracen and this is what he told us:

“This one is the show sample (black one), with a premium build, but we are still looking at a raceable bike for around the £2k mark. We’ve got a medium (black frame) and large (white frame) that we will do shock testing on in March. The bike is the first sample and uses a conventional front section – We’re working on a front section with new tubes and these will be ready closer to the launch in July. At the moment the thinking is a mechanically formed tube–set as it allows us to better control the tube wall thicknesses than with a hydroformed tube. The weight of the bike in the picture was just over 38lbs. We’re serious about the future a wouldn’t rule out a Race Team for 2011.”

All interesting stuff.

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