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EuroBike Video Bonanza Part 2

EuroBike Video Bonanza Part 2

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Part 2 of the Eurobike video bonanza.

DMR Bolt full suspended >>

DMR Bolt full suspension.

Leatt Brace 2011 – Eurobike >>

Leatt Brace 2011 – Eurobike

More Mountain Biking Videos >>

Commencal 2011 dh explained

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  1. ronin

    i’ll take a killswitch instead, please and thanks.

  2. Messy

    That new Supreme looks incredibly tasty! Reckon it’ll look even better in person too… Nice details and super clean cable routing.

  3. olly

    Why an x-fusion? There cheap shit and don’t have an importer, or they might now, but they might do now? I know the trouble they’ve caused in the UK before as they do break and no one can fix one, they suck! Why not a cheap Fox or RS unit? Lame.


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