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EuroBike Video Bonanza Part 1

EuroBike Video Bonanza Part 1

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Our dyslexic reporter Dave ended up at EuroDisney instead of EuroBike, check the full theme park extravaganza in the next issue if you want. However the guys at Tri-Ride went to the right venue and banged out a ton of great videos.

Here’s part 1.

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Alutech Fanes prototype – Eurobike 2010

Ride-Steak-Beer Sram – X0 2X10 >>

Ride-Steak-Beer Sram – X0 2X10

MPORA Action Sports >>

A-Class 2011 – Eurobike

Kowa suspension 2011 – Eurobike >>

Kowa suspension 2011 – Eurobike

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  1. mcmeta666

    Do kowa have a uk distributor?

  2. Gaz

    Don’t think so mcmeta666, the forks look super sweet tho don’t they.

  3. Messy

    Those forks look awesome. The upside down ones are Huuuge.

  4. Ollie

    Those Kowa forks looks 1 step ahead of everything else we have. Considering they have been using Kashima coating since 1999 and fox only just introduced it. They should get a UK Distributor.

  5. Dylan

    I couldn’t understand that asian guy…But the forks look sex.

  6. DanB

    kowa arent the only company to be ignored, Xfusion were making rear shocks with high/low speed compression years before fox

  7. fly up team

    kowa used to make the X-lite wompa fork in 1999/2000. i have one in the shed. its skinny but still works a treat.

  8. JIMBO

    Yeah the Kowas look sweet, they’ve been around for years.
    I was looking at getting a set last year, but even direct they were VERY expensive, £1800 if I remember rightly for the 200 airs.

  9. Turk

    Really like the look of that Alutech bike.

  10. RenoK

    Anyone knows the name of the band and the song in the Kowa vid???

  11. Ollie

    The Alutech guy says “the frame weight is less than three thousand kilograms” – I should hope bloody so!

  12. Ben

    kowas look awesome the song is by porcupine tree from the album the incident great band


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