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Eurobike 2013: Product Photo Gallery - Part 3


Here we are again, and we’ve probably only just made a little scratch on the surface of the products that are out here! This place is ginormous!

  1. Eoin

    The batcycle may have kept Bruce Wayne in shape, but it drove his R&D company into bankrupcy, and he never caught another criminal again!

  2. Jon P

    €20000 for a bike?! Holy crap… Lottery win required!

  3. Deni

    The “Eiffel bike” shown in picture 6 is called “Meerkat M5″ http://www.stefanoboggia.it/it/dh-fr/1185-mtb-meerkat-m5-dh.html

    1. jules

      The “eiffel bike” is my bike, It is a prototype of the ONION MP5, this prototype has a welded swingarm, that is otherwise bolted in the final version. It was made by ONIONBIKES.com in 10 pieces and most of them was remarked as Meerkat from the reseller. This specifically model, once electrified with a 4 Kw RC motor has been recalled from MP5 to MP6.

  4. Jack

    I shall consider myself worned.


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