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English Downhill Champs at Caersws this weekend

English Downhill Champs at Caersws this weekend

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The English Downhill Championships take place at Caersws on August 21st/22nd, and have a number of entries slots still available.

It’s an event that’s worth considering for riders who pick up extra ranking points with 70 points on offer to the winner of each category.

The English Champs promises to be bigger and better with the race arena with trade stands, team pits to make a great finish arena. (Team pits & Camping are all free)

Uplift trailers all have padding for your bikes & with only a short uplift you will plenty of runs in during Saturdays practice.


The race will be run on the National track with one of the quickest uplifts in the country.
Practice all Saturday and with an extra 2 hours practice on Sunday Morning followed by two race runs.

Commentary by the new voice of BDS Toby “Afroman” Parodi to keep you entertained.

Podiums for overall positions in the race and also top 3 for the first 3 English riders.
Custom made Helmet trophies for English Champions & glass trophies for Caersws Cup winners.


Want extra BC ranking points now your chance all your Seniors that want to get into Expert and Expert that want to get into Elite, now your chance to get some great ranking points and be crowned English Champion which your sponsors are going to love.

The race is National B (NB) BC National Series, Regional Championships and UCI Class events at elite level
1st Place 70 points
40th Place 11 points

Full points explained here

Last Years Winners:
Men: Dave Smith
Ladies: Tracy Moseley

Website www.nakedracing.com

Enter online here

  1. jonny

    isnt that a bit contradictory having the english champs in wales?

  2. brocky

    very english!haha

  3. Kenneth

    People that agree with me, apparently there is no where in England????????

  4. AC

    Plenty of places in England… is odd to have them in Wales, but they did it last year too.

  5. damo

    Their is venues in England,, Gawton looks pretty sick…. why is the English national champs being held in Wales?

  6. AC

    Because Chris Roberts won the tender to run it, and he knows Caersws. He’s hardly going to go out of his way to run a race at Gawton is he.
    So, “why?”. Well “because BC allow it” I suppose!

  7. Joe

    Better a English champs in Wales than a shit event…

  8. Jake

    they should have it in bringewood, or hopton, or bucknell??????

  9. luke

    Whaayy, first picture is me :D:D:D!

  10. Stu

    Spot on AC!! There have to be so many places out there to ride, Gawton, brindgewood, warncliffe or even Carlton Bank etc. Why hasnt anyone been to the lakes yet, surely there’s some stuff there or is it all protected land?

  11. Si paton


    As Chris Roberts says, plenty of points available. Points also mean entry in the Halo British Downhill Series in 2011!
    Make sure you have a valid BC race license and come and race against the likes of Peaty, Bryceland, Athertons, Beaumont, Kovarik and many more..

  12. Stu

    Si, your missing the point! Its the English National Champs, in Wales. For any other race this venue would be fine, but this is the English champs, not the Welsh.

    Next we will be having foreign football managers for the England job! What ever next!

    Good luck to all racing this weekend though!

  13. Cookster

    They should definitley have it in Thetford Forest next year

  14. AC

    Si’s not “missing the point” – he doesn’t CARE about the point. He’s just here to laud his own race series, surprise surprise!

  15. jack

    there is no tracks in england good enough to have the english champs if your so good why dont yyou come to caewrsuse and well watch you race si is putting a good race together thanks si and its good points for us all !!!:)

  16. Chris Roberts

    Hey guys,

    The English Champs application was put out every organizer in the country,
    The other English venues either never responded or were not suitable, other then Aston Hill getting the Central Championships, Pearce had the Midland Champs, the North East champs up at Hamsterley. So no drama, like Stu said Next we will be having foreign football managers for the England job.

    We have Scots, Irish, Welsh, English, all racing this champs race anyone can win the 70 BC ranking points on offer for 1st place in the race but the highest English finisher will be crowned English Champion. Last Year it was Dave Smith & Tracey Mosley this year it could be you.

  17. F**k o*f

    C’mon ‘The English Champs’ if you find the right track and badger the right people enough you will get a track worthy for the race.You have got a year to the next one,make it happen.

  18. AC

    North East champs at hamsterley? When? Run by who? I know the Northern Champs are at Kielder in October, run by the NDH guys.

  19. zak

    Why not on barry knows best in peaslake, that’d be a sick venue.

  20. Downhilldan

    @ Stu… Majority of the land in the Lakes is protected but I’ve just heard a rumour last night of a track being built at Broughton, might be worth keeping an eye on.


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