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Enduro World Series: Finale Ligure Overall results

Enduro World Series: Finale Ligure Overall results


It all started by the sea and Finale is a fitting place to end an amazing series.

After an incredible first season the Enduro World Series has come to and end for 2013. We have seen Enduro grow into a full on race series, attended by hundreds of riders and spread across Europe, the USA and Canada, the end has come in Finale and the results from the final round are in.


Jerome Clementz and Jared Graves drop in for the last day of racing.


Jerome had the season in the bag after amassing enough points in the first 6 rounds to send him clear of his rivals, that didn’t mean that he was going to relax though and you can see that looking at his times from the stages on day one. Clementz carried his season long speed into Stage five here in Finale and finished 0.6s ahead of the day one dominant Nico Lau. Both Lau and Graves were not far behind maintaining their places in the top five from day one. Once again Martin Maes put in a stunning run to place 4th in the Elite category with the top five being rounded out by round one winner Fabian Barel.

Tracy Moseley took the stage win over Anne Caroline Chausson by 4.5 seconds with Cecile Ravanel another 15 seconds back. Tracy was behind going into the last stage and had time to make up if she was going to take the race win as well as her overall title.




Tracy on her way to the win on Stage 6.


Nico Lau was determined to break down the one minute penalty he received during day one and proved he was on the pace all weekend taking the final stage win by an impressive 7.6 seconds over series leader Jerome Clementz. Graves was again on the pace but couldn’t put time into Lau and came over the line in 3rd, 9.1s back. Belgian bullet Maes was like clockwork as he fired into 4th on the last stage which set him up for an impressive 3rd overall for the weekend. Spectators said he looked smooth and composed as he carried a huge amount of speed through the technical 6th stage. As with stage 2 on the first day Remy Absalon made his presence felt coming in 5th for the stage of the weekend.

What ever Tracy did on stage 6 she made it count, she took the stage win and with it the win for the race weekend. Tracy was behind going in to stage 6 but somehow managed to find 10 seconds on Anne-Caroline for the last stage. She may have the series in the bag after Val d’Isere but Tracy Moseley is a racer through and through, great work and a fitting win at the end of the series.



Martin Maes blasted his way to 3rd in the overall this weekend.


The final results almost matched the numbers on the rider’s bikes. First place went to the number one plate owner Jerome Clementz, Graves who came second in the overall matched his number and slotted into second. Maes upset the Enduro apple cart taking third place overall ahead of Fabian Barel in fourth with the consistent Remy Absalon rounding out the top five.

Tracy finished on top of the podium and deservedly so, Anne-Caroline took second and Cecile Ravenel finished off the top three.


So that’s it, the first Enduro World Series is over. Many were not sure how this series would pan out but the persistence, planning and execution from a dedicated team has sealed Enduro into global mountain bike racing. Enduro is tough, some think it’s just another XC style format for retired downhill racers. We can firmly say this isn’t the case, fitness, technical ability and speed all combine to form one of the hardest race formats we have seen in mountain biking. Yes anyone can buy a licence and enter an EWS race but for those at the sharp end this is a fine balancing act to master. Luckily for us it will take years for that balance to be struck and Dirt will be there to follow this progression.

DirtTV are in the edit as we type so expect another nugget of Parkin gold in the next few days. We will be back with a full round up of the series this week as well as a gallery from the last day of the 2013 Enduro World Series from Finale Ligure, Italy.

  1. WAKi

    What an amazing year it has been. I’ve been expecting loads of BS from companies about their new Enduro Specific products but nothing like that happened. Quite the opposite, Jerome and Jared showed that it ain’t about the wheel size.

    Thanks Dirt for covering it so damn well!

  2. shutter2ride

    Yup, what a great first season. Excellent reporting by Dirt (and I have to say Vital as well), already looking forward to next year!

  3. Hancock

    Next year the ladies race is going to be intense, Tracey and Carro, that’s going to be tight.

  4. fanboy

    Thanks for a great series guys and girls, it’s been great watching and following it. Impressive work by the series organisers and the media covering it.

    At the beginning, I was not sure if we would see different winners on the different type of formats and terrain. But it seems the same riders are fastest no matter if its a 4 min DH run or 17 minute alpine descent, chair lift assisted or a long day out in the saddle. Super impressed by JC & Graves – fastest on all kinds of terrain. JC has done it for a while, but I think no-one expected Graves to be so dangerous in his first year. Great to see Nico & Barel up there too.

    The girls scrap will be interesting next year. Strong performances this year by Tracey, but a great comeback for ACC. Without the injury, and Traceys surge in confidence from 3 wins, would it have been a different outcome? I think both will come charging next year. And Ravanel too, she’s been riding great, fast and consistent, and unfortunately getting zero media presence. Come on guys, make an interview with her or something so we get to know and see more about this fast girl ripping it, mixing it up with two DH world champions!!

    Also, how can you not be impressed by the belgian bullet kid, Maes? The future of Enduro for sure. He can probably pick and choose from all the teams he’d like, and rightly so. Beating Barel in a DH stage when you are 16 is a superhuman feat. Especially when you do it several times. Consistency and results way above his age and experience.

    Also, it’s good to see Lau’s strong finish to the season, after an unexpectedly bad first half of the season. He would have won this event without the penaly, I think this deserves a mention in your article. Winning trans provence too, he seems to have fired up again!

    Looking forward to next year!!

  5. Juansamwell

    A truly stunning first season of Enduro ws and awesome to see Enduro as a credible stand alone facet of mountain biking. Watching this and the DH wc has been inspirational. Seems like there’s so many great riders at the moment and the coverage has been top notch too.

    Massive thanks to Dirt TV and all the racers for keeping us all stoked and frothing on the other end of the intertube.

    Is it 2014 yet?

  6. Hans Djob

    What a cranking series. Big props to Graves. Medal at the World Champs and a second overall in the E.W.S. One of the worlds best all round riders!!

  7. dirkenstein

    26″ takes the one two. YAY.

    1. WAKi

      Sixers are for hipsters!

  8. fanboy

    What happened to Nino Schurter, he seems to have gotten 6 minutes penalty. Is that 6x 1 min, i.e. 1 minute per stage for something..?

    1. WAKi

      He was so fast on uphills that they thought he was shuttling! I said it many times, I have a theory – EWS judges hate World Champions! They want to even up the field, to show the spirit of Enduro. The got down two DH world champs by now, they haven’t managed to nail a 4x World Champ yet, only thing they could do, they’ve cut the tape in front of Graves in Les 2 Alpes, so he went off the track for a fair bit.

      Illuminati basterds – That’s why Pope McQuaid did not want UCI to cover EWS!


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