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The Enduro World Series comes to the UK in 2014

The Enduro World Series comes to the UK in 2014

The Enduro Mountain Bike Association have just announced that the 2014 Enduro World Series will have a UK round. Scotland will host the event as part of the Tweedlove Bike Festival over the weekend of the 31st of May to 1st of June. With the Fort William Downhill World Cup it’s going to be a busy couple of weeks in Scotland.

With so many UK riders committing to race the inaugural series and the growth in popularity of UK Enduro racing it’s great to see the series coming to our shores. We are expecting the full schedule to be released very soon and expect some interesting locations for 2014.

Enduro World Series racers and Tweed Valley locals Gary Forrest and Katy Winton_RESIZED

Two of last years competitors Gary Forrest and Katy Winton.

Here is the full press release from Tweedlove:

TweedLove Bike Festival is proud to announce it will host the first ever UK round of the Enduro World Series next summer.

Scotland’s Tweed Valley will host the second round of the 2014 Enduro World Series event over the weekend of May 31/June 1 – the weekend before the famous Fort William World Cup.

Now in its fourth year, TweedLove is the UK’s biggest bike festival, taking place over three weekends and encompassing 30 separate events from enduro and cross country to kids events, road racing and film nights.

TweedLove Director Neil Dalgleish said: “We are beyond excited that TweedLove will host the UK’s first Enduro World Series event.

“The Tweed Valley has some of the greatest trails in the country and what better way to showcase it than by inviting the world’s best mountain bikers to compete on them?

“What makes the valley so special is the variety of the riding we have – when people think of the area they often assume it’s just Glentress and Innerleithen but there are a huge number of trails that span the entire valley.

“We can’t wait to offer the riders a warm Scottish welcome and show them just how amazing the riding we have here is. It’s not just going to be the biggest race the Tweed Valley has ever seen, it’s also going to be an incredible two week celebration of cycling.”

And Chris Ball, Managing Director of the Enduro World Series added: “There is a huge mountain bike community in the UK so it seems fitting they are included in the 2014 EWS calendar.

“TweedLove has proved itself to be an incredible festival that has put on some amazing events over the last four years. In particular they have run two hugely successful enduros, the POC King and Queen of the Hill. We at the Enduro World Series can’t wait to visit the UK next year for what is sure to be a fantastic race in a beautiful part of the world that is renowned for its mountain biking. “

TweedLove 2014 will also feature in the Homecoming Scotland programme as a celebration of the country’s active pursuits and strong cycling heritage. 

Paul Bush OBE, Chief Operating Officer of Event Scotland said: “TweedLove has grown year on year to become one of Scotland’s best celebrations of cycling. Set in the spectacular Tweed Valley the festival really highlights why Scotland is the perfect stage for events. As part of Homecoming Scotland 2014, TweedLove will showcase Scotland’s active pursuits, and will provide visitors with a number of exciting ways to get involved with the sport.”


  1. Billy

    Hold your head in shame Chris Ball

    Steve Part has worked so hard over last 5 years to built Enduro racing in the uk and you walk in slap him in the face.

    Very sad day

    1. Chris Ball

      Hi Billy, I just saw this pop up. I totally agree that Steve Parr has done and continues to do a great job of hosting the national series. Tweedlove however have been the only UK group bidding for this event in recent months. They also put on an incredible festival that encompasses all cycling disciplines and have hosted an excellent enduro in recent years. It’s a very natural place for our UK round in 2014, with an eager and supportive local community and also with many teams travelling to the Ft William World Cup the weekend after.. We hope this event raises enduro across all levels in the UK and as a group – we’re very excited.

  2. Fortwilly

    How can you say this is a slap in the face?
    Having a round of the ews coming to the uk an only be a good thing

  3. nakedracing

    That is one very busy weekend, BDS, Uk Gravity Enduro & EWS all in Scotland. #britishcycling #dateclash #outofcontrol #wedonttalkanymore

    1. SWF

      ^^THIS^^ #ChrisBall #Fail

  4. dh dave

    who’s Steve Part?

  5. southern_belle

    Hang your head in shame? He’s organising bike races not orchestrating genocides. Perspectives people…

  6. Hoggers

    Billy, I don’t know how you can come out with a statement like that!!! Of course Mr Parr has worked hard to build the series. Surely this will only benefit him. It’ll show what courses can be raced on in this island, hopefully bringing more foreign riders to the events he runs?!?!?

    1. SWF

      Not if the EWS is on the same weekend as the UK Gravity endure, the only thing it will do it take rider away.

  7. recipher

    If UK Gravity Enduro didn’t bid for the event, then how can it be a slap in the face? I think Billy owes Chris Ball an apology.

  8. Jamazepam

    Just to change the tone. This is great news, I for one can’t wait. Now I hope I can get a ticket to compete like I have the last 2 years!

  9. Rich

    Raced POC K&QotH Enduro. It was a very very well organised event, great trail and amazing friendly atmosphere. Tweedlove deserves this, hat off and well done

  10. MTBHighlands

    Thats going to be an epic couple of weeks! Roll on 2014…


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