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All you enduro racers better get your diaries out cos the dates and venues for the first ever Enduro World Series have just been announced. It’s also great for the sport to hear that there aren’t going to be any ‘exclusive’ deals to be struck in terms of coverage. Sadly for 2013 though there’s no UK round, but hopefully that will change for 2014 if the series proves to be as successful as we reckon it’s going to be.

The Enduro World Series, in association with the Enduro Mountain Bike Association (EMBA), will offer seven events taking place in Italy, France, Canada and the US between May and October of 2013. Full schedule:

·         May 18-19 Superenduro PRO – Punta Ala, Italy

·         June 29-30 Enduro Series – Val d’Allos, France

·         July 6-7 Crankworx Les 2 Alpes – Les 2 Alpes, France

·         July 27-28 Colorado Freeride Festival – Winter Park, United States

·         August 10-11 Crankworx Whistler – Whistler, Canada

·         August 24-25 Enduro Des Nations – Val d’Isere, France

·         October 19-20 Superenduro PRO – Finale Ligure, Italy

“Since the series was announced on November 22, we had a really short time frame to pull together the 2013 Enduro World Series calendar. EMBA has worked incredibly hard to produce a calendar that includes the biggest enduro races in the best locations, on the best trails in the world,” says Chris Ball, managing director of the Enduro World Series. “We’re really excited about our 2013 events and we are proud to embrace the Enduro Des Nations event in France, the birthplace of the sport.”

As an organization, EMBA will not seek exclusive partnership agreements or sponsorship opportunities but to will look for support through individual, team and company membership packages. Industry wide support will be critical for EMBA and will also give everyone a chance to be involved and to show their support for the sport. Information about EMBA membership packages will be available soon.

The Enduro World Series can now be found online at www.enduroworldseries.com and registration will be available to athletes in early 2013.

About the Enduro World Series

The Enduro World Series was created in October 2012 with the aim of uniting the world’s mountain bike enduro racing community. The Enduro World Series links the largest mountain bike enduro events in the world and exists as a rider-focused organisation to deliver the best racing, most relaxed atmosphere possible. The team behind the Enduro World Series has one goal – to globally develop and progress the discipline of enduro for the riders, the sport and the industry. With the shared experience of Italian Super Enduro, French Enduro Series, Crankworx and World Cup racing, the Enduro World Series will offer international competitions unlike any before it.

For more information, you can find the Enduro World Series at www.enduroworldseries.com or to join in the conversation on Facebook, go to www.facebook.com/EnduroWorldSeries.

Contact: Chris Ball, Managing Director: chris@enduroworldseries.com

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  1. FishyBob

    What? No dates in the UK. WTF @chrisball

    1. cookie

      give the guy a break! look at the big picture, I,m sure there will be one in the uk soon but at least he,s got it up and running without the UCI

  2. Anoobis

    Yeah its a shame there’s not one at inners but I can see why they’ve gone for the places they have, France and Italy obviously have huge background on that, a couple over the pond to keep them vaguely happy. Yeah I can go with that. Next year though…

  3. Leon

    Really looking forward to following this series next year. Great job Chris!

  4. Craig B

    Great effort. Lets support it and help bin the UCI.

  5. RHS

    The UK doesn’t have a proven World Class Enduro event (yet). This will change now.

  6. stooky

    Looks ace can’t wait for the new venue for UK event. Don’t think there is anywhere currently that could actually hold a descent world event.

    UCI will be all over this by the end 2014!

  7. dirt dodger

    biggest enduro markets first for all those that don’t quite get it. don’t forget it’s quite new here compared to “there”

  8. Cunning Stunt

    Well we cant complain as you cant have a UK event if the timing is yet to be proved correct at the national rounds….


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