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Enduro World Series 2013 to be Broadcast on DirtTV

09:28 10th April 2013 by Billy Thackray

Enduro World Series To Be Broadcast on DirtTV

Armchair Viewers To Get A Piece of the Enduro World Series Action, thanks to commitment from DirtTV to raise the bar of the Official Highlights show.

The Enduro World Series is pleased to announce that DirtTV will produce race coverage for each of the seven Enduro World Series events for 2013.

It’s going to be a busy year for the Parkin Bros as they’ll be covering the UCI DH World Cup as well as the Enduro World Series for DirtTV (they’ll be racking up the Air Miles points thats for sure!)

More than race highlights the videos DirtTV produce will put storytelling front and centre, to ensure meaningful and entertaining coverage of the new discipline, from the race leaders to the everyday riders who are as much the soul of the sport as the pros.


Combining the most up to date filming equipment that the Parkin brothers are known for, the coverage will raise the bar of the enduro viewing experience.

In addition to two videos showcasing each event in the series, in the lead-up and during the race, a feature length highlights show will be produced and broadcast online by DirtTV in the week following each race.

DirtTV are excited about the coming season working with the team at the Enduro World Series. We are known for our world class race coverage and we will be producing edits that capture the essence of Enduro racing from across the world.

Says David Jaquin (of Mpora).

I am excited about the level of professionalism we will be bringing to enduro race coverage from every round and all season long, allowing us to tell the stories that unfold throughout the year. It gives us the chance to showcase the lifestyle and adventure and spirit that is at the heart of enduro. It’s great to be able to team up with DirtTV and harness their passion and professionalism, to give the sport the right kind of exposure.

Says EWS Managing Director Chris Ball.

John and Rob Parkin with their posh Red camera.  "Is it on yet?"

John and Rob Parkin with their posh Red camera.
“Is it on yet?”

Both Rob and I are extremely excited to be covering the World Enduro Series. Enduro is going to be massive, and it’s cool that we get to help show people what it is all about. We have been shooting world cups since 2006, so it will be rad to mix it up a little this year and shoot something a little different as well.

Says DirtTV man John Parkin.

Watch the full un-cut interview with Chris Ball here.

  1. badger


    Does that mean an Enduro Fantasy League as well?!!!

    1. Kate @ Dirt

      Yes the great news is that we have expanded our Fantasy League games to include Enduro World Series…. IF we get a sponsor. So fingers crossed!

  2. Not Baller

    Parkin’s yeah more slow mo action! Yawn…..

    1. Ed

      Some people just don’t know how lucky they are. If you dislike their work that much then just don’t watch it, leave it for the others who appreciate getting to see very high quality videos which are available to watch, for free, often only a matter of hours after the action has taken place.

      1. Cool Hand Luke

        Why not just rope go-pro or contour into sponsoring the event with 200 cameras or so, compile the footage and have a few on course cameras.. bingo! almost a full enduro run to be viewed in a matter of hours. Especially applicable for the mass start races, you could have rearward facing cameras on some bikes, or cameras mounted on the frame..

      2. dirt dodger

        Hey ED, SORRY Tto drift away from the subject but when is Finally coming? anybody slagging this project off btw needs a good smack around the ears :-)

  3. damien

    We need a comment up vote button.+1 to eds comment.most are appreciative to the level of skill and effort involved in creating the parkins Bros edits

  4. james

    Have loved the parkin bro’s work over the last few years. However I dont think this is suc a good move. Stick to the DH coverage lads as Enduro is a terrible spectator sport. Go back to the days of free caster where folk would get up at 4am to watch a WC, this wont happen for Euro’s wearing camelbacks and yellow mavic spd’s climbing fireroads.
    Enduro is great for MTB as a whole as it attracts everyone from beginners to top level pro’s. Cannot wait for this enduro hype to blow over and we can all re-focus our attention towards DH Wc’s.
    ‘Downhill is the F1 of cycling’ F.Barel circa 2010.
    Long live flat pedals and bikes designed for purely descending.

    1. billy

      Hey James, the Parkos will still be filming the full DH WC series too.

      1. james

        My comment wasnt meant to be taken seriously anyways just to spark some eager enduro heads and the whole. good to hear the Parkins will continue to provide us with DH WC gold on a daily basis. WRC angle is a far more accurate one. Just had to quote the great Barel (whom unfortunately has taken fondness to yellow shoes and trail glasses), looking forward to the forthcoming season regardless.

    2. Dave Jaquin

      James, the Parkins will still be at all the DH World Cups and produce exactly the same content as they have done in previous years.

      Enduro is a different beast and as such will be treated differently in video, how do you expect a sport that “is great for MTB as a whole” when no one gives it quality coverage?

      We are confident we can deliver a story of mountain bike racing that will engage everyone, just like the DH does.

      Downhill is the F1 indeed but that never stopped the WRC?

      MTB is growing in a lot of different directions and DirtTV is growing with it, cheers for your comments.

      1. Mike Inman

        ‘Downhill is the F1 indeed but that never stopped the WRC?’

        This comment is spot-on. Good analogy too.

    3. Leon

      Downhill has never been the F1 of cycling in my opinion , that goes to the tour de france , tarmac , aerodynamics , high octane ” fuels “.
      DH has allways been the WRC of cycling in my eyes , off road , short stages , changing conditons ( and way cooler and more fun to watch )

    4. Chris

      Last year the top three downhillers all rode clipped in. Take off your MX pants and quit being a trollp

  5. Mark

    Mike, WRC is barely alive these days!
    The courses will make or break this coverage imo. With the current venues that should be ok, but still very difficult to cover the nature of the event when it’s so spread out.
    Will be tuning in for a look though.

    1. Philipp

      Mark, WRC has just been resurrected. Now with VW and Hyundai (for 2014) back in the game, it should work out. Also, the TV-coverage shambles of last season are largely solved by now. Rally is to F1 what MTB is to Road cycling – it sort of flies under the radar but it´s alive and kicking nevertheless.

      1. Mark

        Would love to agree with you Philip, but 4 more cars doesn’t not a resurrection make.

        Anyway, back on topic…. ENDURO!!

  6. Philipp

    Nice. I also like the storytelling approach to it, as Enduro isn´t really good for live broadcasting like maybe a XC- or DH-WC is.

    The best thing about the EWS, in my mind at least, is that it´s MTB guys building a MTB series and keeping it creative. I used to work at Worldcups of all sorts for a few years and I don´t have too many fond memories of the UCI, so I´m happy to see this getting started properly. Heck, I might get into MTB coverage again.

  7. scotto

    I can’t believe people are complaining about free coverage of people riding bikes fast down hills.

  8. Lev Lev

    This will be great! I’m entered into the first one! DIRT you have to run a Fantasy Enduro now. Please answer to this comment. I know it’s more work, but with the Fantasy DH as well, It will be rad!

  9. Mushy

    +1 for Ed’s comment and scotto’s, I’m excited to get to watch WC dirtTV AND enduro WS dirtTV! it’s a dirt TV bonanza! and all for free

  10. Scott Orr

    Just let the UCI know Graeme Obree will there for stand to cut the three inches of your saddle if it doesn’t comply with there farcical ruling….

  11. Scott Orr

    I hate predictive text….

  12. Buzz

    Is the EWS a UCI sanctioned event? What with all the noise on Vital about that stupid ruling hopefully they’ll follow in the footsteps of these guys & take a stand http://www.vitalmtb.com/news/press-release/Sho-Air-International-Addresses-UCI-USAC-Forbidden-Race-Ruling,779

    Oh & thanks for more awesome coverage – cant get enough of that good stuff

  13. WAKi

    If I was rich and spoiled I would fix you guys a helicopter to film it from above.

  14. Ben

    This is brilliant news, cant wait! Any news on when Finally 4 is out???

  15. Jamazepam

    I looked forward to the trans provance coverage and that video format of each day worked! If the Parkins use that model I don’t see how It can fail.

  16. fanboy

    Great news, thanks for this!

    And while I do admire their filming work and appreciate it must be fun to use a RED camera – what differentiates the pro’s from us amateurs is the mind blowing speed they carry. This is not best portrayed by excessive use of slow-mo, just sayin.

    Other than that, keep up the good work!

  17. Eoin

    Ok polls are closed, now that the 10 anti-slow mo whingers have had their say can we conclude that the other tens of thousands people watching the WC edits and finally think that DirtTV are the best edits and the Parkin bros know more about editing then all of the dirt commenters combined?

    Cant wait this will be amazing. As said before enduro is going to be really hard to broadcast, so I am hoping that it is a good combination of race footage, helmet cams and post-stage chit chat focusing on a few big names and perhaps a wildcard or two.

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