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Enduro Fantasy League Update: Val d'Allos - Round 2: Powered by Sram


Woop Woop! Results of the fantasy league are just in after round 2 in Val d’Allos, and we have a winner! Sram have given out some fantastic prizes to the top 3 teams.

Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 10.27.42

Top of the pile is Chris Dougherty with 2250 points, and his team ‘Ballsout’ who had the golden line-up of Graves, Vouilloz and Ravanel. Who has won himself a set of Avid XO Trail brakes.


2nd to the line is Roelof Rumpt with 2195 points, and his team ‘Rulor Racing’ who had the top three men! You’ve won yourself a SRAM Duffle bag.


And in 3rd spot is Kellie Moore with 2100 points and his team ‘km crew’ who just beat 4th place by a single point! But nevertheless you’ve still won a swag bag from Sram.


Here’s the top ten from Val d’Allos


Don’t forget you can still sign up a team now, and you’ll be in with a chance of winning the prizes after each round! What’s stopping you?! Enter here.

How did you guys get on?

  1. Johann

    Most of my guys are injured! Can we change racers or do we stick to them till the end of the series?

    1. Ben

      Hi Johann, you can make two changes after each round.

  2. fanboy

    Dear Dirt, please fix it so that Cancel changes work. I could not cancel my changes I did after the first round, before this round, when I found out Anne-Caro still was not racing. So still stuck with 0 pts. :/

    Tried to inform you both in comment field, via contacts in the game and on your FB page. No response.

    It does not work in IE9 or Chrome.

  3. mattm

    Can we get a start list before each round? Every round, I’ve pick someone that didn’t race!!


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