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Emmeline Ragot wins 2011 World Champs in Champery

Emmeline Ragot wins 2011 World Champs in Champery

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Emmeline Ragot from France riding the Intense M9 has won Gold at Champery!

Gold: Emmeline Ragot 4:54.012
Silver: Rachel Atherton 5:09.303
Bronze: Claire Buchar 5:21.965

Myriam Nicole fastest at both splits looks like she had a problem at the bottom.

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  1. ben

    +15 wow

  2. Stephen

    rachel crashed as did most women

  3. sam

    shit, manons time would have put her 3rd in elite women

  4. Tim

    Holy f£ck that run by Danny was the most amazing thing I have seen

  5. r_mac

    i love ragot

  6. Carl

    Good job by the ladies getting down and not only getting down but racing it down in sketch conditions. Good race.

  7. Tim

    Pom Pom was 9 seconds up at split 2!!


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