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DVO Suspension Pop Into Dirt HQ...

DVO Suspension Pop Into Dirt HQ...

DVO’s general manager JP dropped into the Dirt office along with “European Sales Dude” Troy Jungheim and a pair of their prototype Emerald DH forks. There’s still some work to be done before they hit the shops but DVO are confident that come the summer you’ll be able to get your hands on what they reckon will be the best forks on the market. Anyway, here’s JP answering some of our questions…and breaking the ace news that we’ll have an exclusive first test on these forks!

And here are some photos of the forks…

The lower fork brace on these particular forks is just made from plastic and not carbon, but shape wise the final product will be identical. For testing purposes DVO have been using hand-laid braces in order to check the stiffness gains of the design, but because they don’t look too pretty they made these plastic ones for photo purposes.

By the sounds of it though all DVO need to sort out is few external cosmetic details as JP reckoned the internals in these forks were ready to go. By keeping all the damping shim based these forks should be incredibly adjustable and we particularly like the fact that the coil negative spring preload is adjustable. This means that you should be able to get the exact feel that you want, no matter what your weight or riding style. Air is used for the positive spring, which helps with both adjustment and weight. The thing that ‘real’ riders will perhaps like most though is the oil bath design. Yes it’s lighter to use small quantities of oil in a cartridge, but if you want your forks to be as smooth as possible for as long as possible then you really can’t beat oil bath forks.

Anyway, that’s enough for now, cos after all only time is going to tell if these forks are going to be as good as DVO reckon they’re going to be. So, keep your eyes peeled to Dirt for the exclusive first test of these forks…






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  1. punkszar


  2. Jerome

    look amazing, and I love green! unfortunately, it really doesn’t suit the colour of my bike, so any ideas if they’ll bring out alternative/more subtle colours??

  3. Terrid

    Agreed – the green is a shocker. They’ll make your bike look like an energy drink.

  4. me

    They should fill in the gap in the brace so that it acts as a small fender like the mucky nutz things.

    1. hans brix

      Yeah, that’s what I thought too. Maybe they’ll make a little fender that clips in or something.

  5. Stikman

    I heard they are making a metal flake gold fork?

  6. Big Bird

    I heard on another site that they chose that color to go with the name, but that other colors will be available, including basic black.

  7. Graeme Wadhams

    any idea on prices yet?

  8. SX 2

    That’s a terribly unruly fork which, I’d love to purchase and ride. I want collets too please!

  9. one_T

    that brace hole’s gonna get some hightech gaffer tape straightaway

  10. Johann

    CG will be riding that, among riders “they are looking at” 😉 For those who speak some french:
    For those who don’t just check at the pics and you should get the idea!

  11. Darren C

    If you mention the colour you’re gay. It’s about how they ride not what colour they are

  12. Ed

    For those worried about colour I think these forks will be coming with black crowns and dropouts, and if I remember correctly the rest of them might also be available in some non-green colours.

    As for pricing, you’re going to be looking at Fox 40/BoXXer World Cup kind of money.

  13. dol

    CG on DVO.

  14. Dexta

    I love my shivers n these look everything and more may Afto rob a bank

  15. Chris

    Can you run an angle set with tapered forks?

    1. Ed

      Yep, but I am pretty sure they will also be doing a standard 1 1/8″ steerer too…well at least I really hope they do otherwise I’ll never get a pair on my bike :(

      1. Ray

        Tapered forks should fit most frames now unless you have a 1 1/8″ fork there is a headset to work.

        Nukeproof do a 44-40 tapered headset and Works Components do an angle headset for all sizes of headtube now, i have one on my mega with a 44mm ht and tapered fork so no fear there.

        Tapered should become the standard….

  16. hans brix

    These look/sound like they will be an amazing fork, I like the sound of their website and customer service side of things too.

  17. Maverickdh

    Sick in all departments, shock too Jade, bring it on!

  18. Pepe

    The Hulk fork

  19. jimbo

    right then, im off into my man shed now do design and build a all in one arch/leg guard for my shivers!

  20. KMH

    Hmm, being an oil bath design this is a serious contender (in my mind at lesst) to the Bos Idylle Air.

    This is going to be a difficult decision. With the DVO you have the ability to extensively customise the ride feel (esp vis the neg spring). With BOS, you get a very good tune to begin with but the adjustments are very subtle. The ride characteristics of the latter I’m fairly familiar with as I’ve ridden the Idylle RaRe for years. I imagine the RaRe air will be ascgood if not materially better. I guess with the DVO I know it will be a well thought out base tune, will have good steering precision, will not be sticky (given the 36mm dia stanchions), will have a little flex in the right places (a good thing) and i have the ability to change the damping so that I can get whatever I want out of it ride wise

    The other smaller question marks are weight and reliability. In this market, where the competition has very sharp teeth, I can only assume both are going to be good.

    Have I just talked myself out of the RaRe? Not far off it!

    1. GABE

      Good steering precision? Have you ever ridden a USD MTB fork? its like having a wet noodle holding your front wheel on. I know they have that carbon stanchion guard/brace thing going on, but Im yet to be convinced that a skinny carbon plate that bolts on at the dropouts and makes the long journey up and over the tyre and back down again is going to add any stiffness at all. Personally I think it looks cool. I wonder if it actually does anything else… I’d like to get my hands on one and see how stiff it actually is.

  21. Scott

    They can’t make the brace into a solid fender at the moment, as the hole is there to allow for clearance of the crown under full compression. You could always put an RRP type neoprene fender across the gap, which would work pretty well.

  22. KMH

    Yeah, i thought about that. The only real downside is on the uplifts that don’t have decent bike racks and rogue rockstrikes. Looking at the rear of my lowers most of the marks come from the former. That’s not to say though that it’ll never happen, it’s just less likely to be an issue. Everyone said the same thing with the original BOS Idylle, as it had a piggy back on the bottom of the rear lower leg. Whilst everyone said it’d get smashed none of them ever were and they’re still going strong now and carry very few marks. I guess if it doesn’t cost too much to replace then i will probably will take that out of the service cost that i’ve save by being able to do it myself. I think i can live with that considering the damping performance you get.

    I’m emailing DVO to see whether they’d be kind enough to pass on their findings – as far as that is concerned.

  23. rick

    realy wondering if the fork matches the pr-blabla level.

  24. ricky allen

    One of those things you just gota have !!


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