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DVO Suspension - Emerald DH Fork Testing

DVO Suspension - Emerald DH Fork Testing

DVO’s long awaited Emerald DH forks will supposedly soon be landing in the UK, but while we are waiting for them to eventually arrive we can all sit back and wince at this lab test video that DVO have just released…

How the hell did those forks not snap? We’d love to see the point at which they do eventually fail, and it would have been great to know the forces involved in these tests. I mean for all we know the forces could have been tiny, meaning the forks have stiffness that’s comparable to that of a banana. Of course we’re sure that’s not the case, but it’s not often you get to see a set of forks flex as much as this, and so as I said it would have been better if we were given some idea of the loads that resulted in such extreme deflections.

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  1. chris-m

    That was interesting to watch, but to agree with you, Ed, it’s a shame we don’t see the forces involved and perhaps some comparison charts with other companies – if they’re allowed to?
    It did look like some mega forces were applied though!

  2. Fernando Muska Pereira

    I know that´s a necessary step but that just made me cry a little inside…

  3. Gabe

    ooh god that makes me wince. Genuinely worse than watching Saw or something. And I haven’t seen many films I thought were worse than Saw. Saw2 maybe.

  4. Gabe

    And yeh some numbers to go with the pictures would make this a whole lot more meaningful. Yes DVO we all know they aren’t gonna be the stiffest thing out there when twisted, but fore and aft you should have some good results. Can we see?

  5. Dan Hodge

    I saw these forks at Eurobike – lovely to look at in the metal

  6. onion

    I gather from an inside source that the model being tested here was made of Dairylea which is why they didn’t break.

    Comparable data? – yer avin a larff. A respectable mountain bike magazine could easily tset and publish fork stiffness vs. weighr [for example] and if all you were looking for is the stiffest fork, then that would be great – but what you really need to know is how stiff a fork do you personally need and is that before or after you’ve taken your morning unloading?

  7. gabe

    Heeeeeeey wait a cotton pickin minute! What ever happened to the collet clamp crowns? Apparently better in every way than a normal pinch bolt type? Unless my eyes deceive me they’re using pinch bolts here. I did wonder if these pinch type ones were for the test rig only, but they do seem to have gone to the effort of putting mounts for a stem on the top one.

    Dairylee, Lol.

    1. Leon

      They announced they are ditching the collet system about 6 months ago.

      1. Gabe

        oh really? musta missed that one. Note to self: must emerge from cave more often. Anyone got a link to said admission? So i can chuckle at it in a self satisfied manner.

    2. Leon

      They mention it on pink bike at some point , can’t remember if it was an official announcement or if they replied to some ones question regarding them.

  8. weedoot

    leave brittany spears alone….ah ehmm I mean… leave the shocks alone, that was hard to watch.

  9. oliver

    dammit… I cant unwatch that!


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