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Duncan’s Fort William WC Photo Gallery Day #3

Duncan’s Fort William WC Photo Gallery Day #3

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Photos: Duncan Philpott

  1. dhiobsessed

    Marc beaumont 33/1, I bet the bookies are shaking in their boots about now with his great quali time.

    We all know though Gwin for the win…

  2. Joe

    “Everyone wants to see him back on form again” Cmon he is number 7 in the world!!! Thats not bad after a hard two years! He will be getting those seconds soon!

  3. r mac

    nick beer shot is a banger. mick hannah worth a punt at 100-1? 33-1 for marc considering the quails not bad. minnar 4 me cause he in my fantasy team 😉

  4. Маша Клубникас

    Great pictures, profound cooments. Thank you, Duncan!

  5. Bob

    Brosnan has 16 to 1 odds without even racing? Kid must be fast…


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