Dual Rules! Steve Peat Helmet Cam of qualifying with Cedric Gracia at Sea Otter

Here’s a helmet Cam fresh from the Sea Otter dual. On board with Steve Peat qualifying against Cedric Gracia. It looks like such a fun track, look at those berms, and as we know, Dual is simply the best form of racing known to man.

Peaty went on to take second place to Jared Graves, so it looks like his winter dual training with the This is Sheffield Crew has paid off!

Mens dual slalom final results

  1. Jared Graves
  2. Steve Peat
  3. Cam Cole
  4. Mitch Ropelato

Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 09.53.45

Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 10.00.32

Clickety for full results

  1. Tom

    Fuckin legend, what else can you say??!
    Except What bike?

  2. Skud

    he was riding his Bronson – go Steve!

  3. jez'

    Anyone knows what’s that sound?

  4. Hancock

    Second in Slalom and eighth in DH, let’s hope this is an omen for Peaty.

  5. mr f

    such a shame he´s on drift¡


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