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DMR Pumptrack Challenge

17:55 25th March 2011 by James Renwick

Everyone loves a pumptrack…






The DMR Bikes Pump Track Challenge is great for rider and crowd participation so its easy to see how this will become one of the great fun events on the calendar.

What is a Pump Track

Pump Tracks are one of the best ways to learn skills for all types of riding dirt. Open to all skill levels, Pump Tracks are attractive to dirt new comers and are the breeding ground for dirt jumping and 4x racing formats. Pump Tracks are springing up all over the country. They vary in design but are generally short, rolling, tight and twisty. They challenge rider’s skill. Races will be won and lost in the corners. Upper body strength and bike handling is key as no pedalling is allowed.

Racing Format & Prizes

Simple format leads to fast competition and fast action. Each entry races at least one timed lap of the track for a qualifying time. From this there will be knock out rounds using Quarter’s, Semi’s and Finals.

Everyone has a great chance to win some prizes & the DMP Pump Track Challenge trophy.

Entry is in four categories with great prizes up for grabs:

RIPPERS (12yrs to 16yrs); OPEN (17yrs+), LADIES (12yrs+): racing for Lezyne prizes :

PRO CATEGORY: racing for £400 of cash prizes (1st £250/ 2nd £100/ 3rd £50) per round

Check out pumptrackchallenge.com for more info

As a side show to the Pump Track Challenge anyone can enter for free the Lezyne Exploder. Showcasing the incredible pumping power of the Lezyne Dirt Floor Drive pumps two competitors go head to head in frantic pumping action to explode an inner tube. First to burst gets a Lezyne prize.











Any mountain bike can be use with a minimum of 24” wheels (no BMX) but we’d recommend riding a 4X or dirt jump hardtail bike to get the most fun. Naturally DMR make the market leading bikes in this category – see dmrbikes.com

  1. Charlie

    how are they gonna do esher X as that has been knocked down??

  2. Chris Roberts

    Yep its a real shame EsherX is going we will find somewhere else to replace it.

    If anyone wants to recommend a Pump track let me know.

  3. Stefan

    Coed Llandeglas pump track is pretty awesome.

  4. Elliot Reeks

    Yeah coed llandegla’s pump track is sick

  5. barney

    No BMX’s…guess they’d all pull your pants down.

  6. Richair

    No pedalling according to the website… Not sure about that one; sure it will reward those who can jump well but it’s not going to look great to spectators or on film due to lack of speed.

    Pumptracks should be ridden how the rider wants! Still, worth a pop I guess

  7. Morgan

    Bollocks it wont look good due to lack of speed. If you have to pedal on a pump track, you’re not pumping hard/fast/good enough.

  8. FiveTwo Race Team

    We are so stoked on this event and have seen some of the recent prep going into round 1 – its gonna be an event you dont wanna miss. Cant wait to get our pump on this weekend at Lemington spa.

  9. treehuggergraeme

    @richair – its called a PUMP-track not a PEDAL-track
    Whats the rulling on 24″ vs 26″ bikes? presumably both are allowed?

  10. Richair

    Fair enough guy’s that’s in your opinion, but the way we ride pump tracks over our way involves a bit of pedalling to get the best out of the track. Not all pump tracks are so small and tight that you don’t need to pedal. Obviously pumping is the main part of it (whether it be keeping the bike on the ground, or boosting the gaps), but either way pedalling adds that extra turn of speed to make things more interesting.

    And for interest I live in the Shrews/Telford area where we have around 10 decent pump tracks on our doorstep (along with a few big trail spots) and I would describe myself as a bit of a pumptrack addict so I feel qualified to speak about this. All in my humble opinion of course though!

  11. Chris Roberts

    Hey Richair,
    we would love you to come and show these boys how its done and there is £250 up for the win if your fast enough.

    See you Saturday.

  12. Chris Roberts

    treehuggergraeme yes you can ride either 24″ or 26″ or even both if you want??????

  13. rob cole

    if a Pump Track is built properly, once you are moving (a couple of pedal strokes) you should not ever need to pedal, unless you really mess up a line or stunt and have to brake too hard meaning you lose your flow

    if you have to regularly pedal on a pump track, its simply because the Pump Track has not been built right and the rider cannot maintain their momentum by pumping the bike

    (exactly the same is true for dirt jump trails where riders have to put in “bitch cranks” between jumps because the trail does not flow)

    check this video link to see how a Pump Track should work properly with no pedalling…


  14. Jamie

    I am so entering to win a Lezyne Exploder, epic fun.

  15. Richair

    Hi Chirs, I’m planning on entering some rounds later in the year as I’m out with an injury at the moment. As for taking the win, I don’t know about that! I’ll certainly give it a burn though and have some fun :) Hope it goes off well at the weekend.

  16. FatTim

    If you have to pedal its a flat, circular, single lane dual track. It might be fun, but its not a pumptrack.

  17. dubrider

    if you have to pedal then it’s not a pumptrack, simples. hence the name. This seems like a great idea, i’m lovin pumptracks at the mo! After riding a great example at Rotherfield i’ve built one at my jump spot and just got paid to build one for a local council (kids are stoked!!) so bring it on!

  18. Joe Wallbridge

    NO BMX’s… its like racism. why not just have a seperate catagory for us ?


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