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DirtTV:Windham UCI World Cup Helmet Cam 2011

DirtTV:Windham UCI World Cup Helmet Cam 2011

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Dirt Norco rider Dan Stanbridge is your tour guide for todays magical mystery ride on the Windham WC course in New York state.

The weather here in Windham is hot and sunny, Sian lloyd would describe it as sultry. Dusty roost is being thrown up on the corners.

So why are the riders covered in bog juice at the finish line?

Well, there are a number of natural springs throughout the course turning some sections into a quagmire.

Dan Stanbridge, did two helmet cam runs and asked me to use the second file because he cleared the awkward ‘boggy double’ on that run, but alas there was too much gloop on the screen, so I’m using the first edit. Soz Stanny.

PS. There is no music. If you want music then press mute and turn up your gramaphone with your favourite Brittany Spears, Napalm Death or Burt Bacharach tune.

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  1. Mat

    looks like a nice track, those road gaps look fuuuuuuun

  2. billy

    The speed they hit that road gap is insane. Some super fast sections here which are ace to watch trackside.

  3. Pete

    My favourite WC course this year by far! Billy, I thought Rennie was supposed to be back this season??

  4. VonDH

    Damn thats a short track surley race runs are going to be 2:30 or less.

  5. nadger

    holy shit the Gatto-Box looks fast and loose. it’s gonna take a pounding this weekend, i hope it’s up to the abuse

  6. hari

    @nadger I like what you did there

  7. billy

    Pete, Sadly I think Rennoir is gone for good as far as the WC circus is concerned.

    Kovarik and Buchar will be racing Crankworx though.

  8. olliebongo

    you’ve seriouslty earned your keep this last two weeks Billy, great work puttin all this coverage together. On another note, love how everyone is gettin the chance to smash Michaela Gatto’s box also. Couldnt make this stuff up :)

  9. billy

    Thanks olliebongo, we try our best to give you guys the best coverage, glad you’re liking it. (Can’t wait to get home ride my bike and eat something healthy though!)

    Check out todays chat video for a great retort by Micaylo Gatto to Mr Gas to Flat.

  10. DH Dave

    Lauren for CG Brigade!!! get her to all the world cups!

  11. C Huff

    Agreed, Lauren Daney is a hell of a rider. Cant wait to she what team will pick her up when shes out of school. Shes gonna be a KILLER!!!

  12. RocketGon

    Rock garden looks mean! Hope it doesn’t rain!

    (Or do I. . . )

  13. billy

    Thunder and lightning this morning at Windy, no rain yet!

  14. gareth

    Why’s everyone picking on Gatto then!? hahaha. I think she’s actually a nice person. Well I got on with her ok. She seemed nice enough then again, was she just flirting!?????? haha

  15. sulley

    Hey, wishful thinking there Gareth…!!!, eh…, ha ha ha

  16. Messy

    Looks a bit…um… easy? Would be fun to ride for people like me, but the top boys must be finding it pretty simples…

  17. army dh team (jack)

    @messy what time is your race run must be near gwin if it’s easy.


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