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DirtTV:Windham World Cup Finals HD

DirtTV:Windham World Cup Finals HD

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

You asked so we delivered! Here is the Windham World Cup UCI round #5 in glorious HD

As you probably no by now, trying to upload any video from World Cup events is an exasperating task at the best of times, uploading HD content is well…think of something that is possible and that’s that

So here is a special treat for you, now that the Parkin Bros have found a high powered internet hose they’ve uploaded a High Def version of the DirtTV Windham epic.

(Remember to hit the HD button!!!)

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  1. ronin

    Dirt, you guys are the ambassadors of kwan. the vid is f’n great!

  2. enri

    classy.In HD has a way different taste,and it’s much better!

  3. slyfink

    effin’ mint! thanks boys, you rock \M/

  4. stooky

    Crystal!!! once you’ve remembered to turn HD on!!!

  5. mike wood

    Well, this HD shizzle is all very well and good but despite the extra pixels I still can’t see how Gwin is going so goddamn fast. Goddamn… did see Peaty’s twinkle this time round though…

  6. stacy kohut

    wheres the tri-ride video?

  7. Adam Cosgrove

    harry main edit song

  8. Adrian

    thanks for read us!!!!!!

  9. Jonny

    whats the song guys?

  10. Dunford

    The Naked And Famous – Young Blood ^^^ sick video too…..

  11. Elmo

    Hang on a minute – why does this pop out in to Mpora when you hit HD. Billy the web can you anser me this please. This is DirtTV so why host the HD content elsewhere…I have to make my way back here to comment…plus MPORA is pretty lame it has to be said.

  12. rh

    Sik vid lads. Well tasty. However.. Steve Smith.. is it just me, or does anyone else hear BANJO music when they see him??

  13. billy

    Elmo, Mpora is our Muthaship and our video hosting platform. Have you seriously not noticed that before?!!!


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