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DirtTV:Windham World Cup finals 2012

14:15 5th July 2012 by Billy Thackray

Kerpowww! Watch the DirtTV highlights from an amazingly exciting Windham World Cup.

What the Windham track lacked in length it made up for in brutal high speed rock sections, loose drifty turns and massive jumps which claimed the scalps of some of the World’s top riders. Aaron Gwin and Rachel Atherton escaped unharmed, just, to take the wins. Rachel had an excursion off the track after the big hip and Aaron had a big big moment dropping into Peaty’s Plunge.

Sit back and watch all the DirtTV highlights from the hardworking Parkin Bros.

  1. fordy

    gwin nearly died on peatys plunge fair play that was committed it made even hart look composed. good on ya rach you deserved the win, sick race.

  2. Christy

    I wonder if Gwin would have held it if it was at the bottom of a track like Fort William?

  3. iceman2058

    Faaaack! Gwin on Peaty’s Plunge!

  4. omar olvera

    who played that song?

  5. ronin

    so rachel didn’t go outside the tape?

  6. greenbadger

    that was proper gwinja after the plunge!! holy shoulder dodging shit – the boy is blessed!!!

  7. Chris

    rachel went outside the tape and missed a pole, but it wasn’t an advantage for her so they let her time count…

  8. iloper

    remember when we say he is cold and calculates every move? damm. i now give the man much more credit

  9. cooke

    @ronin she did but she didnt gain any thing from it in fact she lost time so she was allowed

  10. TallPaul

    Superb guys!! And who cares if Gwin wins because watching it live everyone’s a winner its brutal out there and no way can you say the womens racing is boring those girls ride hard!!

  11. Bedders

    Really great edit. That was a really loose moment Gwin had on PP, an accident there would’ve been horrible. I liked his Granny too.

  12. Dosher

    Gwin’s Gran FTW!

  13. r mac

    meanwhile at the atherton house,
    rach: like it was like a good race like.
    gee: yeah ya know it was ya know a good result ya know

  14. Co

    @omar olvera
    THE SONG : Hey Champ – Cold Dust Girl

  15. Cyrus

    Meanwhile, on ITV people are watching a helicopter shot of 100men in lycra drafting each other. Holy good **** dh is amazing, best race of the year yet. Even the womens race was incredible.

  16. Carl

    I’m not the biggest fan of the states the this race and the last round in Canada was Epic stuff. Good camera placements for the live race and awesome edits too. Thanks again to all involved.

  17. Banshee

    Yeah gwin came pretty close to that tree, probaly a season ender if he hit that tree.

  18. Joe

    I love it how Gee is surprised Rachel did the jump.

  19. Andy V

    How the hell he gets not only the bars out of the way, but his right shoulder/elbow as well…AND keep it on line is beyond me.

    The only thing that I’m confused regarding Rachel going off course would be that she’s supposed to re-enter the track where she exited…no? If that were true, then she would have lost much more time than the 4-5sec lost by returning to the track further down. Just e-spec on my part since I’m not in possession of the UCI rulebook.

    Great racing regardless!

  20. Renners

    Best granny ever (apart from mine)!

  21. Part Time

    Cam Cole = Napoleon Dynamite

  22. greg

    pure class! Immaculate video.
    and yes, rachel should´ve been dq’ed for sure. The fact that she could go right on, as opposed to stop – go back – reenter, means she gained an advantage after her huge mistake. Sure it is a slower line than if she’d stayed between the tape – but who cares eh. I feel a bit sorry for emmeline who not only had a huge crash, but also lost her jersey after an incident she herself got a dq for last year. Oh well, that’s racing eh.
    and yes, brilliant edit one more time, just brilliant

  23. hank

    what are the sticks for if you’re allowed to go around them?

    and download Shazam to learn the songs… best most useful app ever!

  24. Eberhart Sauweich

    sau gut XD

  25. Craig B

    Can I ask… 2 seasons ago Gwin was dropped like a hot spud and then he is whitewashing it. I know Trek would have us believe it is down to their uber-bike but really…. What’s going on here?

  26. greg

    it appears that the fucker, who got a sensational 10th in his very first wc, has figured out how to win, and is obviously not in the charitable mood to let other people win quite yet. Gwin is a phenomenal rider and while i’m hoping other people than him and greg will win the last two races, hot damn Gwins pace is jus amazing. And no, the frame prob isn’t the end all be all here – he was quick as heck on the much heavier 303, he has just matured a bit from then. And he was never dropped from Yeti. Yeti could’ve never afforded to keep him on the program as it was, and as their policy is to sign up and coming riders and push em up through their program and then let them go once they make it big time (except jared graves), it wasn’t that big of a surprise.

  27. E-video

    Is nobody else as pumped as I am about Stevie’s second place?! Been a long time coming.


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