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DirtTV:Pietermaritzburg World Cup Saturday Chit Chat

DirtTV:Pietermaritzburg World Cup Saturday Chit Chat

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Saturday was a quiet day for DH in Pietermaritzburg for round one of the UCI World Cup with just a couple of hours practise in the morning.

With that in mind, here is a rather random eclectic mix of chat from around the Pietermaritzburg pits.
Dirt Norco rider Dan Stanbridge explains the South African currency, Dirt Norco mechanic Ali Beckett samples the local cuisine, Clay Porter and John Lawlor announce news of their 3minute gaps premiere in Fort William, photographer Victor Lucas reveals the “Mystery downhill rider“, Cedric Gracia reckons you should have picked him for the Dirt Fantasy Downhill game and Sram guy John Cancellier tells us about the Vivid Air shock…plus some news about the Russian World Champs and lots more!!!

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  1. mike

    theres gana be a few comments about those 2 gurls! dayyuummm!

  2. Pete

    Holy dog meat, those girls were HOT!

  3. dave

    bang tidy

  4. Leon

    Yes please

  5. Dylan

    I’d tap that…

  6. jordan

    up the bum no harm done

  7. Tom

    Brendan Fairclough was injured yesterday and will perhaps not start today – photo is from yesterday : http://bit.ly/grtgKr

  8. sulley

    WTF happened the sound…?

    Jawlor rocking the “Bass Pro Shop” hat… :)

  9. steve

    whats that song?

  10. Trip

    I guessed the mystery rider correct!! I could be on Question O’ Sport!!


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