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DirtTV:Pietermaritzburg World Cup Downhill Qualifying

DirtTV:Pietermaritzburg World Cup Downhill Qualifying

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

http://mpora.com/videos/15XMj6MGA Kapowwwww! World Cup round one is on fire! Qualifying at Pietermaritzburg, South Africa was scorcher and the finals are shaping up to be an epic battle of skill and grit.

John and Rob Parking caught the quintessential qualifying quickness at PMB on film for DirtTV.

It’s Easter weekend so sit down pour yourself a glass of cider, peel a chocolate egg and enjoy the show!!!

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  1. Dylan

    God i’ve missed these! Bangin edit guys!

  2. Alec

    Haha! Sick Mick… what a legend!

  3. Steve

    Looks like a few cases on some of the jumps….

  4. griehwln r3oqw;

    that music was horriable

  5. Dylan

    Your spelling’s horrible.

  6. gulson

    name of the song…?

  7. Johan

    Dirt never disappoints, i think was nice with a change of music but being a swede one have to like In Flames(?, at least it was their singer)

  8. Stokes

    Music was awesome!

  9. stevo

    it actually looks dead fast, can’t wait to watch it tomorrow!

  10. Phil

    The song is ‘Self vs. Self (feat. In Flames)’ by Pendulum

  11. Tom_

    Billy, whats the news on Fairclough? Is he Ok?

  12. VonDH

    @Tom was thing the same thing

  13. Joe

    song sucks here too…horrable πŸ˜€

  14. Dylan

    What is it with you people?

  15. Pitus

    song – Self v. Self – Pendulum/In Flames

  16. Jack

    I watched that with the volume off, apart from interviews. Metal stresses me out on a relaxing saturday afternoon

  17. billy

    @Tom, Brendan is hobbling around the pits with a strapped up leg, no broken bones but he’s not sure on the damage yet. Won’t be racing tomorrow but hopes to be back for Fort Will.

  18. billy

    @Jack…COME ON!!! GET PUMPED!!! it’s the first World Cup of the year about to kick off!!!Woop Woop!!!

  19. Mop Head

    Wicked hearing some In Flames on dirtTV, been waiting for that tune since hearing the immersion album on the Windham footy πŸ˜€

  20. Tom_

    Thanks Billy, quality service.

    Obviously this is not a course for one-legged bandits πŸ˜‰

  21. Rodney

    Yeah the music is garbage – but oh boy the vid is great! So good to have the World Cup back!

  22. PaH

    Love the section with Blenki skipping down the track

  23. Doug

    I like the music, just putting it out there. I think its good captures the intensity, the aggression of the first proper bit of world cup timed riding. If you dont like it fair enough, but don’t complain really, it a FREE online daily mtb edit from a race on the other side of the world.

  24. Pete

    People should stop complaining about the music. We get these brilliant videos for free, show the DIRT guys some respect!

  25. rayhaan

    what an awesome video as always! Some good music as well, really suited the intensity and speed of the racing! good work, that pop, alternative crap music that is usually in videos doesn’t suit DH…but hey if you don’t like the music, turn it down…

    awesome work as always Parkins bros.

  26. marcus

    Truly sick!! Thought Mosely was carryin some serious speed! Fast as Ive seen one of the ladies look in a minute!

  27. stacy kohut

    tri ride was better. parkin sisters you qualify in second place behind tri ride for video of qualies.

  28. Wayne

    Good to see Al Bond getting some coverage!

  29. joe

    Kohut sucks.

  30. stacy kohut

    whats your last name joe?
    anon? classy.

  31. Stokes

    Stacy, I am not saying you can’t have an opinion on the edits on here, good or bad, but if you are going to put a negative comment then how about trying to be a little constructive? Your comment was just immature and pointless….Parkin sisters? Really?
    Just remember that while the Parkin bro’s are travelling the world and bringing us this AWESOME stoke, you are just a keyboard hero.
    And regarding the anonymity, maybe you should post under a fake name to save embarrassment?
    Right, if you head back to Pinkbike Stace, we can carry on with the WORLD CUP!
    Yours, Rob ‘not anon’ Stokes.

  32. stacy kohut

    was just saying, who made you king? what is this box here for anyway, oh thats right to make comments, if you don’t get a joke then thats fine stokesy. I probably ride more on my micro scooter than you. Nice dig at pink bike,guess you are real mature for that, who cares about the world cup anyway? to me its just about being free to ride my machine getting out there and being at one with nature

  33. Will

    Stop bitching “stacy” you child, this edit is a quality piece of work which I’m certain you would struggle to even compare to. Now be gone, and let the rest of us enjoy this excellent website.

  34. Neil

    Quality vid, Quality soundtrack!!!! More metal on riding vids please!!!

  35. Konstant Venter

    Someone take a kak in stacy’s mouth please! The cheek to moan about such great FREE coverage. Silly fool.

  36. stacy kohut

    i never mentioned that this was a poor website did i will?? all you big strong boys take it far to seriously, mentioning that the parkins were sisters, jeez pump the brakes i can write what i want in here you have choice to thumb it up or down.

    and wow new kid on the block “konstant venter” guessing it should be konstant flacid cock, how do you know i wouldn’t like it if someone took a “kak” in my mouth??

  37. Konstant Venter

    Sweet high five baby!

  38. Andy

    Great vid – how lucky are we to get awesome free coversge of the best riders in the world nailing the hardest tracks around. Can’t wait for the race, even if it means watching live from 1am!!!

  39. gert b frobe

    Stacy you sound like a glass is half empty kind of guy. Here this should cheer you up: http://pintsizebaker.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/cookie-monster.jpg

  40. stacy kohut

    i only post with a link.
    if the name ain’t in red, it ain’t me.
    i don’t know who those last posts were.
    funny people.

  41. stacy kohut

    “being one with nature..”
    thats funny.

  42. billy

    Come on Stacy, like the guys say…just enjoy all the awesome free coverage!!!

  43. crackle berry

    Watch out for Graves… he’s looking pinned. He was conserving energy in qualis so he could dominate 4X. I got a feeling he’s going to lay some serious power down on the flat stretch tomorrow.

  44. Munzy

    Nice edit, cheers!

    There are some real fast looking bits on that track – might not be a belter for the riders but looks good on camera.

    lovin’ the coverage Dirt :)

  45. Justin

    Billy, can you guys maybe get a quick interview with Brendan about his crash and to see how he’s doing? Would love to see that! Thanks for all the awesome coverage guys

  46. Ronin

    Being so far away to witness the world’s best up close, I wouldn’t give 2 sh#ts if you had a Bolton/bier/emo crap medley boosted in the background. Thank you Dirt for the coverage!

  47. joe

    Get an interview with the King!

  48. mike

    yea i thourght that song was a bit shit too, but the rest was awesome!! insted of that song some rise against would of been sikk! ?

  49. Eric

    Great video as always. Miss being able to watch in HD though.

  50. dave

    what website is race coverage being shown on??

  51. Deon

    Eric: HD and South Africa’s internet speeds dont mix πŸ˜‰
    Dave: duh – freecaster πŸ˜‰

  52. dave

    thank you!!

  53. billy

    @Justin, yes, will get a word with Brendan. Victor has an audio interview going up tonight.

  54. billy

    @Eric, with 5kb/s upload speeds here HD vids are just not going to happen!

  55. Bear

    Screw the complainers,

    Dirt TV + In Flames = Victory!

    Awesome vid!

  56. Joe Smith

    @Billy Ha ha yeah loved south africa but there internet leaves alot to be desired.


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