DirtTV:Mont Sainte Anne World Cup Chit Chat pt1

We talk to the top World Cup women moments after they cross the Quebec finish line.

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  1. Rob

    Anybody fancy counting the “likes” in Raches interview?

  2. MmmBones

    Like, Twenty Two.

  3. centrifuge

    Tracy Moseley = level headed charisma on and off the track. Pizzazz!

  4. Cookster

    The womens racing this season has been fantastic with Pugin really stepping up in the way Macdonald, Smith, Bryceland and Hart have in the mens and with Mosely and Atherton ready to have a proper battle,a real competition – how come it’s not shown on Freecaster before the mens?

  5. Loonie

    TM so professional and eloquent compared certain others.

    No wonder Pugin’s doing well, what with Sam’s eyebrows, Gee’s front teeth and Jonnier’s accent . . .

  6. Rob

    @Cookster it is shown on Freecaster before the mens . . .


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