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DirtTV:Mont Sainte Anne World Cup Chit Chat Day One 2011

DirtTV:Mont Sainte Anne World Cup Chit Chat Day One 2011

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The Chit and the Chat from around the pits at Mont sainte Anne, Quebec on World Cup day one

Catch up with all the news from the Beaupré pits at MSA, Quebec.

News of the day is that the Fox truck was stolen by pikey thieves on route to the race track. Keep an eye out for it on Ebay and in the Montreal freeads.

Trek World Racing are rumoured to be testing a prototype carbon DH bike, if they do you’ll see it here first even if it means sleeping rough outside their pits.

As you know by now Sam Hill is a no show due to injury.

Yeti have a new young gun on board, fast Australian junior Brandon Yrttiaho.

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  1. bnadeau

    Can’t wait to be there on sunday! Trek session bike, i don’t think Gwin need one this year. Cheers mate!

  2. furaxrider

    ‘Those are just empty boxes. I need boxes.’ Lol!

  3. Felix

    Stevie is starting to look like Terry Thomas.

  4. Andy

    Brook looks like a smurf.

  5. Grant

    that was boring as hell to watch, filmed terribly

  6. Redwoodrider

    elliot seems cool as shit, hope that dude does well. Specialized’s season just went from bad to worse, I only feel bad from Brenden, everyone else can disappear as far as I’m concerned

  7. ddmonkey

    Marching Powder is an good book, a real eye opener!

  8. NickH


    Eliot Jackson. A man who knows how to wear a cap, with a proper curve in the peak.

  9. stooky

    Marching powder what a read! Nothing beats a cat with coke dependancy.

    Some one should tell josh to read cloud Garden….

    Nice vid. don’t believe the hype

  10. stooky

    p.s. Can I have an empty box?

  11. steveO

    well if monkey says there is nothing in them.. there’s nothing in them…..

  12. Maureen

    I fell down
    To my bended knees
    Saying, “I dig farmers
    Don’t shoot me please”
    He cocked his rifle
    And began to shout
    “You’re that travelin’ salesman
    That I have heard about” I said, “No ! No ! No !
    I’m a doctor and it’s true
    I’m a clean-cut kid
    And I been to college too

  13. craig

    josh thick as fuk…ye alright! all u knob ends out there that think he cant string a sentence together. jog on. rats a book worm.. long live the rat

  14. olliebongo

    Monkey wouldnt fair too well on Jeremy Kyle, Dirt TV may have just Rumbled the Big Legend, i suppose we’ll just have to “see what goes on” as he says.lol, gonna be one hell of a weekend whatever bike Gwinnys on

  15. zac

    does anyone know what time the DH race is on ? euro-trash time ?

  16. zac

    ok got it. 19:15 CET Sunday 3rd/

  17. Dan


  18. Rep341

    Good work Dirt! I like it and Josh- wtf- would never have seen that one coming- just shows you! Great investigative work- I wonder if Tracy and Gwinny will be so tight lipped, Hill sounds down and out this year! At least they have the flying jnr! Reall sorry for Athertons and their lack of Pits! Stealing the truck – now thats impressive! Aim high I suppose

  19. Westie

    Awesome video, awesome music choice. Can’t wait for this weekend to unfold!

    Go stashe, go!

  20. Cord

    Ratty for the win, Monkey for an Oscar!

  21. James

    You’d think that if Josh is such a book worm, he could make his column in the magazine a bit longer!

  22. magnum

    some gay looking moustaches there… serious bumfluff

  23. ross

    craig, you tit.

  24. MonkeyNuts

    Comment deleted.

  25. alex

    would have liked josh to be reading some dostoevsky or a classic like the iliad; but he’s from the wrong side of the penines so its good to see him bucking the trend and reading full stop.


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