DirtTV:Mont Sainte Anne Helmet Cam

Dirt/Norco rider Dan Stanbridge takes a wet and muddy ride down the MSA World Cup track.

I’m not going to lie to you today has been what ex-weather forecaster John Kettley would have described as “an absolute minger of a day”

Sian Lloyd would have gone further and added “…it bloody pissed it down today butt…”

And I’m not even going to repeat what Wincey Willis would have said.

So expect some blobs of Quebec quagmire to hit the screen.

Dan Stanbridge loves the mud though and wouldn’t have paid much attention to John and Sian’s reports.

Mind you he did have to stop twice to wipe the shit from his goggles and camera.

(Have Go Pro invented the non stick lens system yet?)

If it’s dry (drier) tomorrow, I’ll ask Stanny if he’s up for doing another helmet cam run.

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Ben Reid and Dan Stanbridge rocking the carpark pits while Norco Towers gets built.