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DirtTV:Mont Sainte Anne Helmet Cam

DirtTV:Mont Sainte Anne Helmet Cam

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Dirt/Norco rider Dan Stanbridge takes a wet and muddy ride down the MSA World Cup track.

I’m not going to lie to you today has been what ex-weather forecaster John Kettley would have described as “an absolute minger of a day”

Sian Lloyd would have gone further and added “…it bloody pissed it down today butt…”

And I’m not even going to repeat what Wincey Willis would have said.

So expect some blobs of Quebec quagmire to hit the screen.

Dan Stanbridge loves the mud though and wouldn’t have paid much attention to John and Sian’s reports.

Mind you he did have to stop twice to wipe the shit from his goggles and camera.

(Have Go Pro invented the non stick lens system yet?)

If it’s dry (drier) tomorrow, I’ll ask Stanny if he’s up for doing another helmet cam run.

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Ben Reid and Dan Stanbridge rocking the carpark pits while Norco Towers gets built.

  1. PhutPhutEnd

    Brilliant, tucks his tissue into his sleeve just like my granny used to do!

  2. KidCards

    (TIP) Get a bit of synthetic spray from one of the mechanics and rub it on the outer lens, that should do the trick..

  3. old skull race team

    looks wet. not the most exciting of courses either, a shadow of its former self.

  4. Tom Robinson


  5. Andy

    Michael Fish said it would be a tropical heatwave

  6. slam hill

    gwin wins by 6 seconds

  7. Philipp

    Something in the back of my head says that peaty is gooing on the box this weekend. Dunno really why, just a feeling.

  8. Pavedog

    Shame Hill isnt there this weekend to inside the living hell out of everyone of those corners

  9. Snakebite

    Well if I had travelled over from Europe to race that I’d be fkn raging. That ‘track’ is dire, would someone please tell them the track is meant to go through the woods, not down the outside…I am shocked at how boring that looks.
    The UCI need to cop on, or someone needs to create an alternative league to the WC, first SA and now this? Jesus soiled himsel’,

  10. The Jude Bear

    how does he know when to clean the lens?

  11. olliA

    @slam hill I think Minnaar cannot be beaten there by that much. Or at least Gwin is a machine from hell if he can do it!

  12. Rick T

    Jude Bear – Stanny is in fact the Terminator and he actually sees through the camera to set his sights on killer lines and enemy trees. Either that or if his goggles are mucky then the camera probably is too.


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