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DirtTV:Marc Beaumont on the Gawton 1.04

10:04 8th November 2010 by Billy Thackray

World Cup GT rider Marc Beaumont took on the Dirt 1.04 at Gawton just after his win in Val Di Sole in July.
Sorry about the delay in this video, we had a long list of technical difficulties and then it got lost down the back of the sofa…but now we’ve found it!

We’ve since had Bryceland and Hart on the 1.04 but just to remind you, Marc Beaumont was chasing the previous fastest time 1:53.61 set by CRC Intense rider Chris Kovarik.

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The Slugger 1.04 article in Dirt 104, perfect timing.

Name Time Category Date
1 Josh Bryceland 1:50.80 Elite M 28 Sep 2010
2 Danny Hart 1:51.31 Elite M 28 Sep 2010
3 Marc Beaumount 1:52.62 Elite M 11 Aug 2010
4 Chris Kovarik 1:53.61 Elite M 09 Jun 2010
5 Matti Lehikoinen 1:54.12 Elite M 09 Jun 2010
6 Aaron Gwin 1:55.89 Elite M 09 Jun 2010
7 Ash Mullane 1:56.19 Elite M 23 May 2010
8 Matt Simmonds 1:56.38 Elite M 09 Jun 2010
9 Joey Schusler 1:57.37 Elite M 09 Jun 2010
10 Luke Ball 1:58.33 Senior M 23 May 2010
11 Jay Williamson 2:01.48 Junior M 23 May 2010
12 Ed Hooper 2:02.74 Senior M 25 Sep 2010
13 Adam Lock 2:03.45 Senior M 23 May 2010
14 Jody Bent 2:03.94 Master M 07 Mar 2010
15 Ben Deakin 2:03.98 Senior M 12 Sep 2010
16 Anthony Bishop 2:06.41 Senior M 23 May 2010
17 Moss Macriner 2:06.42 Junior M 12 Sep 2010
18 Andy Boyle 2:08.99 Master M 23 May 2010
19 Max Robinson 2:09.38 Senior M 12 Sep 2010
20 Charlie Ross 2:10.02 Youth M 12 Sep 2010
21 Jim Davage 2:10.22 Master M 12 Sep 2010
22 Harry Steer 2:10.24 Junior M 12 Sep 2010
23 Tony Hicks 2:10.56 Veteran M 25 Sep 2010
24 Bow Cann 2:11.04 Youth M 12 Sep 2010
25 Tracey Moseley 2:11.71 Elite F 07 Mar 2010
26 Ryan Tunnell 2:15.46 Youth M 12 Sep 2010
27 James Sims 2:16.82 Master M 12 Sep 2010
28 Calamaty-jayne Cann 2:21.60 Elite F 12 Sep 2010
29 Sam Shields 2:27.07 Veteran M 12 Sep 2010
30 Manon Carpenter 2:29.43 Elite F 07 Mar 2010
31 Aimee Dix 2:29.50 Elite F 07 Mar 2010
32 Chris Cooke 2:29.74 Veteran M 12 Sep 2010
33 Jes Stone 2:34.21 Elite F 07 Mar 2010
34 Harriet Latcham 2:35.72 Elite F 07 Mar 2010
35 Guy Coulton 2:36.80 Juvenile M 12 Sep 2010
36 Di Filippo Giovanni 2:41.60 Juvenile M 12 Sep 2010
37 Chris Corthorn 3:24.77 Juvenile M 12 Sep 2010
  1. geetee

    Where is the timed run cut off point; does it go all the way to the bottom where the pick up point is or does it stop at the last fire road?

  2. billy

    Finish for the timing is at the pick up point.

  3. WAKi

    can’t wait to see some more “sport-giants” marching into that track. Especially Mr Hill :)

  4. johnny p

    Theres only a couple juniors there. get Lew Buchanan there. sure he could do some damage.

  5. Karate chris

    You saw Josh take time off with a couple of inside line choices. Is there any risk of riders cutting corners even more and essentially altering the track? Not been there yet so I’m just wondering…

  6. max

    ha, he should have taken the max mosely line where he fell off!!!

  7. geetee

    Which line are these guys taking at the bottom then around that last tight left hander? From memory you can stay low and make a very sharp jink around the post where the catch netting is attached or you can go high right, pver the roots and then jink left around a tree to get a straighter line into the drop before the last right hander. Never really figured out which is better.

  8. Jay williamson

    Want to do my time again 1.57 is the goal!

  9. christophe

    should pop weather conditions in the table too… fairplay to mr bryceland&hart for top times in squelchy conditions.

    looking forward to seeing if a certain aussie destroys those times as he did on the previous 1.04…

  10. Nick@Woodlandriders

    We’ve got so much netting up on Super-Tavi it’s pretty difficult for riders to ride off the track. In most cases the pro riders are simply finding very difficult, but faster lines.

  11. edward hooper

    12th and dropping rapidly! Damn these pro kids with their fancy hats.

  12. luke ball

    hangin on to the 10th spot by pure luck ! haha wud smash tht time if i cud have another go ;)

  13. johnny p

    get one of the fastest juniors in the world too give it a go… a Scottish one

  14. Nick@Woodlandriders

    The 1:04 league is open to anybody who wants to give it a try – see http://www.woodlandriders.com/freelapleague/freelap.php for details

  15. Tom

    Nice edit… hurrah for subterranean homesick blues. Nice ride by Marc too, a very tricky track.

  16. geoff

    billy please please take a handful of hardtailers down there! that was prob my fav article from the whole of the last series even though their times were poo!


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