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DirtTV:Leogang World Cup track teaser

DirtTV:Leogang World Cup track teaser

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

We’ve got back to back World Cups on consecutive weekends, first Fort Will and now Leogang. Here’s a quick peek at the Austrian downhill track. Official track walk will be on Thursday so stay tuned for the Parkins DirtTV official video, in the mean time here’s John Lee Hooker taking a stroll down the hill.

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  1. OhYa

    u would better wear some knee pads on that soil :)

  2. Brad

    That is a sick tune!

  3. patagonian

    Mucho coolio edit fellas.

  4. Hidden due to low

    Much respect for getting there so quick! Its a 10 hour smash from Calais alone. That’s a lot of redbull’s, Bifi bars and road grime! Driving till your eyes bleed from Fort Bill.

  5. VonDH

    Could happily live there .

  6. bob

    Loving the World Cup, just sucks that with the time zones they go until 3am on Monday morning, when you have to be up at 6.30 for work

  7. steveO

    boooooooom…. john lee hooker….. more vids with this guy and lightnin hopkin’s PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
    track looks sick…..
    whos gonna win? gwin, gee or greg????

  8. jonzo


  9. steveO

    if gwinny stays on the bike he’ll win this….

  10. Andy

    Now will find out where Hill is really at. Been hard to judge from the first two rounds…

  11. Brentstyle

    Jill Kintner isn’t as entertaining as Adam Brayton; even if she is faster!

  12. mick s

    Brayton and Scotty Mears track walks are the shizz


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