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DirtTV:Leogang World Cup Thursday Chit Chat 2011

DirtTV:Leogang World Cup Thursday Chit Chat 2011

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Thursday: Day one at World Cup #3, Leogang, Austria, and we bring you the chat from the hillside.

Leo-Sayer-Gang, LegoGang, Leogang, call it what you want because the World Cup is in town. Listen to the chit chat from World Cup round #3 which includes Sam Hill, Joris Bigoni, Al Bond, Sabrina Jonnier and even Leo Sayer himself!

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  1. Andy

    I think we need more words from Leo Sayer in future

  2. joe

    Billys track walks are on fire!

  3. Phil

    I love how Billy can get a half decent interview out of Sam. He always seems to have that classic half-cocked Sam Hill smile on when he’s talking to DirtTV.

  4. Duncan

    Wondered who that Joris chap was.

  5. jim

    Whats with Mr Smiths bum fluff beard?

  6. Ken

    Gotta love back to back WCs!

  7. Jamie

    Was Al Bond’s mum on Steve Jones’ round back when he was a milkman?

  8. cucumber nice yeh

    is stevie smith a convict?

  9. cucumber nice yeh

    or is he akons son?

  10. niick

    steve smith sporting a Canucks playoff beard!

  11. Deon

    HAHAHA @Jamie … I thought the same thing!

  12. cool hand luke

    steve smiths beard is just so darn luxurious

  13. iloper

    GO Jonnier!

  14. Yetifan

    Sabrina is awesome, I love her :) I want her to win again!!

  15. jonesdirtmag

    COME ON SAM HILL! Let’s not forget the incredible riding this man can do. 26 years old and 12 world Cup wins. Plenty of time Hilltop

  16. Sean

    but what team would Leo ride for?

  17. Leon

    Sabrina Joiners voice makes things happen in my trousers

  18. Steve

    Sound quality makes you shiver.. perfection once again DirtTV.. COME ON SAM!!

  19. VonDH

    Leo could ride for Sherk Racing sponsored by Monster

  20. Nozes

    Somebody give that Smith kid a shaver!
    Leo Sawyer to ride for CG Racing Brigade,where else??

  21. WAKi

    buahaha, Jonesy asks.. it was on the edge of: Sam why do you suck so badly, this season? Were you a lazy ass during the winter or what?

  22. dwayne

    In depth questioning, “are you looking for a good result?”.

  23. jimjam

    Bunch of slack jawed faggots around here. Stevie Smith’s beard will make you a god damned sexual tyrannosaurus.

  24. Dirty Dee

    So…sexually extinct?

  25. Matt

    You know what i am really tired at the moment and listening to Sam Hill been interviewed made me nearly fall asleep! Its like watching Kimi Raikkonen!!


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