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DirtTV:Leogang World Cup DH qualifying 2011

DirtTV:Leogang World Cup DH qualifying 2011

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Boooooom! And other loud noises like that! DirtTV Leogang World Cup Downhill qualifying is go go go!!!

Yet more Austrian Weiner Schnitzel Dynamite from the Parkins in the Land of the Salzburger.

Enjoy people!!!

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  1. Tom_

    Banger! Thanks for showing part of the warm up procedure – it’s quite interesting, I bet there’s loads of different strategies and gimmicks we don’t yet know of! Maybe do a special on that?

  2. KidCards

    Niko Vink has a mad good style that bar turn was unreal! good job

  3. jens wilhelm

    It is an awesome Video!

  4. Leon

    Fking hell Gwin looked fast ! Can’t wait for the race just hope freecaster can stream it well this weekend

  5. sam

    Gee looks weird in trousers

  6. Jon P

    Well held Mitch Delfs!!!

  7. Mark

    I hadn’t realised that Stevie Smith was Amish before

  8. Dirty Dee

    If Gwin stays on the bike this weekend he’ll smash it. I think we’ll see quite a mixed podium of non regulars though.

  9. Steve

    I wanna go train with Tomac!!

  10. Alec

    Yo did Steve Smith mean Bobsled on Fromme, cause if he did that’s pretty sik to finally hear that the shore is finally getting some recongition on being fast and flowy!

  11. niick

    Digitalism and DirtTV amazing. Thanks!

  12. Pat

    Anyone know what the song is?


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