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DirtTV:Friday Fort William Music Chit Chat

DirtTV:Friday Fort William Music Chit Chat

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

What music do the World’s best riders listen to? Aaron Gwin, Mick Hannah, Gee Atherton, Jared Graves and others spill the beans.
World Cup riders are over questions like…”what’s the track like?” and “Are you feeling the pressure?”

Current UCI World Cup leader Aaron Gwin leads us into a land of musical discovery…don’t go hating now!

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  1. charlie

    mitch delfs and cam cole have the right idea

  2. Pete


  3. MmmBones

    Gwin rules, but old country is where it’s at. No one compares to Waylon Jennings.

  4. Deon

    Jared’s got taste

  5. Hidden due to low

    Rob Warner’s dry humor for the win!

  6. stevo

    go on myriam nicole!

    and gravesy has best tunage

    -opinion not necessarily fact-

  7. Peter

    Cam, Mt.Eden? Get yourself some proper dubstep….Christ.

  8. Jack

    Troy Brosnan = shittest music taste on WC?

  9. TomD

    You think Warners being sarcastc but I actually think he’s been to a Take That concert. From his twitter a few months back “Take that, the original line up, singing never forget, simply unforgettable…”

  10. Karate chris

    Just how cute is Myriam Nicole!!

  11. bob


    and how did NO ONE say slayer. bunch of pussies.

  12. Maximilian

    Graves knows! 😉

  13. Mike

    You’ve just got to love Fabien, no matter what the question hes always a methodical and well thought out answer that could last a lifetime, what a legend he is. especially his Frenglish

  14. Iceman2058

    Gotta love Barel, the only one who needs to be calmed down before a race. :)


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