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DirtTV:Fort William 2011 World Cup Helmet Cam

DirtTV:Fort William 2011 World Cup Helmet Cam

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Let Dirt Norco rider Dan Stanbridge take you on a wild ride down Aonach Mor on the Fort William World Cup downhill track.

There’s no sound track on this one as I know how fussy some of you lot are;-)

We get two splats of mud on the lens at the 3.09 mark but that’s way better than yesterday’s helmet cam when a rear flat on the fastest part of the track caused Stanny to have a rather high speed off!

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  1. Joe

    Was this filmned with a Contour camera?

    If so, was it the new Contour+?

    Just by watching it, I get tired…awesome track.

  2. billy

    Joe, it was the Go Pro. We’re trying out a new GPS data system, so hopefully next one we’ll have heart rate, speed, cadence and sphincter displays!

  3. raddog

    Sphincter displays? All you need to do is overlay consecutive images of Onions rings, polos and Doughnuts, and oscillate between the images randomly.

  4. KidCards

    It goes amazingly well with this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs0fI6N7weQ

  5. Punch

    Fort Bill. A proper downhill track! My arms ace just sitting here.

  6. Dirty Dee

    my arms are ace too!

  7. Punch

    Hahahah ace is the bit after they *ache*

  8. Faceplanter

    Fine run there Stanny, the course looks mental as ever!

  9. Nickkkk

    @ KidCards- you are so right, almost the exact length too! not normally a fan of Blockparty’s more electro stuff but that is a great tune. re the fort will track… holy heck! looks so much fun. totally inspired to ride now!! and i REALLY wish i was there this year!!! that hip/table into the big lefe hander berm is so nice near the end. great job Stanny and good luck for tomo team Dirt!!

  10. JD

    TenPole Tudor…Swords of a Thousand Men!!!!!!!!! Love it!

  11. Barry O'Brien

    Stan Drawbridge is FAST!!!!

  12. DR

    I want to see the Helmet cam from the crash. That would be exciting to watch.


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