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DirtTV:Fort William 2011 World Cup Chit Chat Day 1

DirtTV:Fort William 2011 World Cup Chit Chat Day 1

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Brendan Fairclough reveals all about his ACL injury and Danny Hart reveals his super hero super powers.

The Fort William 2011 World Cup theme is Super Heros…with that in mind we asked a few riders what super powers they would most desire.

A few that didn’t make the edit due to another faulty mic lead (again,soz!) was Rachel Atherton who wanted the ability to stop time and Sam Hill who wanted the power of teleportation.

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  1. Slim Jim

    I think Brendan has taken the wrong option with his ACL. One years riding on a dodgy knee against a lifetime he’ll need the leg for seems very short sighted. He is young and has future years in the sport that seems to be being sacrificed for a 2011 racing year, where he will struggle to get results with a poor functioning leg. Barel did it, but he is getting towards the end of his WC days. Sometimes you have to go backwards in order to go forwards again. Hope i’m wrong.

  2. huck2flat

    You can function perfectly normally with no ACL. I busted my ACL in my right knee 14 years ago in a skiing accident, never had surgery, never had a problem. Still ride DH & moto every weekend. Also have known people to have ACL reconstruction after years without and say that their knee never felt as good after the surgery and it wasn’t worth the hassle. Cycling is the best activity for it, if your quads, calfs etc are strong they can hold the knee together. some professional rugby players don’t have ACL’s and still play, Brendog will be fine, just needs to stay strong. (a no brainer for a WC downhiller really)

  3. IPilot

    Barel = Chalench.ging

  4. TimBud

    SuperBryce: “dirftin roundabouts” 😀

  5. gert b frobe


  6. dhd

    nice grip covers on sams bike to keep his grips super clean

  7. Dr Kenneth Noisewater

    Looks like Brendog is gonna have to get on the protein shakes and hit the gym with Affy! Might force him to put some muscle on so he’s not left behind as much on the pedally tracks!
    He’ll be squating Sam Hill in no time like Graves does with Schusler! Hah!…..well, maybe not! Maybe start with Frodo, I mean Troy and build up to Sam*!
    (* Sam race fit, not Sam off season fatty)

  8. lego loser

    scariest danny hart clip ever

  9. enri

    barel managed to use challenging in another context.that’s his super power

  10. H

    huck2flat the reason people who have knee surgery don’t recover properly is because of damage to the meniscus which often occurs with an ACL tear, cartilage doesn’t heal and roughing its surface causes a lot of problems. Snapping your ACL is not a good thing to do, I’m 4 weeks into a rehab for a partial ACL tear and knee stability/durability takes a huge knock. Plus I had a good look and I can’t find one example of a rugby player who plays without an ACL. Cycling is good for it as range of motion is limited and sideways stresses are kept to a minimum when compared with running.

    And Danny Hart is one creepy mofo.

  11. doddsy

    wana make some real money for breast cancer they should auction hills bike, watch the money roll in……

  12. N1ce1

    Danny Hart = Jimmy Savilles’ great nephew.

  13. Jamie

    I follow Ice Hockey and there was a guy called Brian Rafalski who had his ACL removed at a young age then went on to have a long career at the very top of the game. It can be done but in the long run I think it’d be better for Brendog if he had surgery at the end of the season.


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