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DirtTV:Ae Forest 661 Gravity Enduro overall winner Rob Cooksley

DirtTV:Ae Forest 661 Gravity Enduro overall winner Rob Cooksley

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

We chat to Ae Forest 661 Gravity Enduro overall winner Rob ‘Box’ Cooksley after his victory at round one.

After a slight timing error, the 661 Gravity Enduro results from Ae Forest were recalculated putting Bristol bike shop owner Rob ‘Box’ Cooksley in first place overall just a second ahead of Crawford Carrick-Anderson.

Box, the owner of www.badassbikes.co.uk popped down to Dirt HQ this morning for a chat with Dirt Magazine’s Steve Jones.

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Full results at www.racetimingsystems.com/

Box’s winning race machine the 160mm Intense Tracer.

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  1. KidCards

    Is he taking the piss?

  2. jonzo

    My thoughts exactly!

  3. Nick Hamilton

    He’s not taking the piss… he’s just got a Bristol accent.

  4. billy

    Box is a machine and an amazing rider…big respect to the man!!!

  5. jonzo

    His humility knows no bounds…

  6. Badger

    @Jonzo, please don’t rip the guy just because he comes from a different part of the country/world than you!!! My money is on Box to win the series!!! Go fella!!!

  7. jonzo

    @ Badger… Humility isn’t a place.

  8. Nickkkk

    am i missing something? why are people suggesting he’s ‘taking the piss’? out of what? sounded like a normal rider interview to me… i remember a great shot in Dirt of this guy a few years ago on a wee feature they ran on him. seems like a real character. embarrassing for the timing issue…poor Crawfy. still well done Rob!

  9. RHS

    At last someone suggesting that the length of stages should be longer. Halliluja! 😉

  10. Stubacca

    Stage 4 should of finished where it did last year. Make a real killer.

  11. Evil Steve

    This series was billed as having super accurate timing with backup systems so it’s a shame there are still issues. They cocked up my mates time too

  12. Stobbin cheekit

    A pretty articulate guy compared to the zillions of dillweeds on the tinterweb!!

  13. Chris

    You Know!

  14. Shandy

    So, how exactly did they work out that the timing for that stage was 1min 1sec out? Would be good to see some sort of explanation somewhere – especially as a large part of the cost for each event was put down to using the best timing system they could. Maybe there’s hope for me yet – I could time myself with my wristwatch, override the official timing and win the series!

  15. Stefan

    Guys, hes from bristol, he runs my local bike shop. Hes a great guy, with loads of knowledge, maybe you should listen to what he says a bit more rather than just take the piss out of him straight away.

  16. ash

    Robs one of the nicest guys your going to meet in the bicycle industry! mental on a bike too!

  17. Graeme Cook

    Nice one Rob good luck for the series!

  18. chris

    Seems a spot on lad with good knowledge, interesting interview.

    He raced up at kielder at the avalanche enduro and was bloody quick then as well!

  19. Betsie

    It’s a shame the likes of Garry Forrest were not there, he put 20 seconds into Crawford at the Inners one earlier this year. Smashing us all on the long stage.

  20. NickH

    Gary Forrest was there – look at the results above, he got fastest time on Stage 3

  21. stacy kohut

    that was a real cycling interview.
    great questions, great answers.

  22. Crimson Boy

    Thought I was in for a proper brizzle accent treat then but i don’t know what you lot are talking about. I could hardly tell in places! Joners welsh accent is far more pronounced. Was a good interview though. Keeping the stages short should make it more appealing to more people though. If they aren’t ‘easy’ distances to cover it’ll get a bit xc or maybe become the new xc! Now that’d be good for ‘mountain biking’! It would become something like the ‘mountain bike champion’ thing they used to have in the beginning. trials, xc and downhill all on one bike!

  23. Rob

    haha, great to see one of my own (Tracer) at the top of the podium

  24. Myles

    Box is a great guy has a great personality and has amazing skills on a bike so all of you that are slagging him off should shut up because you clearly dont know him. Congrats on the win box great ride.

  25. Alfie Polax

    Awesome interview. The guy is obviously a monster on the bike. Ignore the kids talking shit.

  26. dirk pumpa

    proper character.. i look forward to seeing more of him.

    well done rob!!

  27. Pete Guard

    Rob’s a legend. Not only is he an excellent rider, he’s a top bike technician too. Well done Rob.

  28. Farmer Giles

    Box is indeed as tough as old boots. Solid rider and great attitude.
    And he’s also hard as nails- don’t think he’d care about some twerp talking breeze about his accent.
    He’s fried bigger fish.

    Great to see him up there.

  29. Parr

    This was the first round of the series and the weather was horrendous, in particular on the top at stage 1 and 5, where several riders missed there start time, because the wind and rain had people sheltering in the trees.
    They did not hear there call up to the start and the way the system works is, if you miss your start the clock starts, thats your penalty.
    Thats why the time correction seems strange, hope that helps.
    Top job by all the riders who competed, take my hat off to you, i’d have been in the cafe long before the finish 😀

  30. Shandy

    I guess what it comes down to is for the organisers to give a simple explanation as to how the timing correction was worked out? To take the overall win away from Crawfy by 1 second seems pretty unfair.

  31. Parr

    Shandy, the explanation is above
    if you miss your start the clock starts, thats your penalty


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