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DirtTV: World Champs Champery 4x Chesty Cam 2011

DirtTV: World Champs Champery 4x Chesty Cam 2011

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Scott Beaumont follows Michal Marosi down the Champery World Champs 4x track on the first night of practice.

After walking the course Scott Beaumont got his mate Dave to bring over his old Rocky Mountain Slayer, which Scott will use for qualifiers then race his hardtail in the finals.

Full suss bikes definitely looked quicker through the rocky rooty section (0.22 onwards). There was a fair amount of carnage on that section during first practice tonight.

Lighting problems meant that the section into the finish area was out of bounds so riders were stopped just after the chairlift pole left hander.

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  1. Big-G

    Looks pretty rough. Think there will b quite a few peeps riding full sus’s.

  2. Roger

    no way, was that a good 4x track i just saw?

  3. kjm

    scotts new fox kit looks sweet,,,great track to,hope it makes for good raceing..

  4. g

    Im with Roger I think someone must have slipped me something in my drink, was that a 4x track that didnt look entirely gay?

  5. Rick T

    About time there was a 4X track that needed suspension to go quicker (for the majority – I wonder what the likes of Graves will run).

  6. cr

    3 turns and thats it? I think lucky sb gonna win

  7. torico

    3 turns is appauling


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DirtTV: Champery World Champs Chesty Cam 2011