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DirtTV World Champs 2013 Finals

DirtTV World Champs 2013 Finals

It’s here! The Parkins have been burning the midnight oil and pumped out the finals edit from an epic Worlds in PMB. Sit back and bask in the glory of the race that will go down in history for so many reasons.

  1. Zachary Smith

    Minnaar you legend!!!

  2. Packer

    Wow – quick editing guys!
    Great vid, thanks as always!

  3. Daver

    Guess Mick didn’t have anything to say.

    1. Leon

      Can you blame him ? I thought , like he did and probably most ppl watching that he had it in the bag with that run , seeing that taken away would drive me nuts

  4. pete

    Daver.. or he was not around, in anti doping, press conference, hotel or a many other things in the rush of the exit, celebration and pack up. Easy to slip away while others are being interviewed. I dont think vital got any audio interview either from him. make me think he split.

  5. Northwest

    Gutted for Mick! That had to be a really hard 2nd place.

  6. Paul

    Was that Rachel wearing lipstick?

  7. ronin

    minaar is like watching a cheetah in full flight in slo-mo. you can’t realize the speed cuz he’s so damn smooth.


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