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DirtTV: World Championships PMB - Practice

DirtTV: World Championships PMB - Practice

Boom! The gold has landed, this will sure as heck get you excited for tomorrow’s final, just look at the speed Graves was going… on his Enduro bike! It’s going to be one hell of a race…

  1. Jerome Thomas

    That was awesome

  2. Bubba

    Why is it going to be one hell of a race? When riders are on xc and enduro bikes.
    What a shit place to have the world championship DOWNHILL !!!!

  3. Zachary Smith

    don’t watch it then bubs.

  4. rod fountain

    Who’s broadcasting it? Can’t see it on the Redbull site.

    1. Ben

      Hi Rod, RedBull are broadcasting it, but they’ve buried it pretty well! Here’s the link.


      1. rod+fountain

        Tidy, thanks Ben,

      2. Bedders

        Cheers Ben. Bookmarked and ready for tomorrow! Is 1400 hrs CET 1300 hrs in the UK?

      3. Ben

        No worries, and yes you’re correct. We are an hour behind in the UK. This is another useful website to bookmark during World Cup season.


  5. Elvis Lad

    Is this a boring track or a Boring track?

  6. rod+fountain

    If it looks like downhill and has all the regulars racing it, then it’s probably downhill. How come it’s only forum wankers bitching about this race now? Seems like all the riders are cool with it and that’s good enough for me. Ask yourself this too: if Peaty wins does it make him more or less fantastic? Like Zachary said (above) don’t fookin’ watch it if it annoys you that much, because that means it’ll stream to me just that little bit quicker because the internet pipe won’t be all bunged up with your bitterness. Word.

    1. Bedders

      Indeed Rod. I believe most of the riders like it and that’s as good a yardstick as any. Your point about Peaty is well made.

    2. Sreddeb

      Indeed Rod. I believe most of the riders like it and that’s as good a yardstick as any. Your point about Peaty is well made.

  7. Ron Horse

    Balls, this track has no place on a DH calendar, if you can’t see that then you clearly don’t know what the sport is about, if you get thrills from a big jump go and watch those freestyle loons.

  8. Daver

    That was awesome!!! The speed of this track is terrifying!
    Since Australia there has been worlds at MSA, Chsmpery, and the year before it was at VDS. This track is a different style, but I think it’s come a long over the years…it’s crazy fast and long to test fitness. It’ takes a big sac to stay off the brakes and carry that much speed….
    Pumped for the race

  9. Richie

    Cheers Dirt.Tv. Another blinder.
    Oh and anyone bad mouthing the course – you’re clueless. Totally clueless.
    Keep your negativity to yourselves.

  10. mik

    what is the music ,please?

  11. Zack

    All these chumps talkin mess about a track they couldn’t run in 5 times the amount of time or speed, it’s downhill chumps, believe it. Best riders in the world best be able to put down the power or ride some serious flow.


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