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DirtTV: Windham World Cup practice 2011

DirtTV: Windham World Cup practice 2011

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Check out the mega exciting first day of practise at Windham, World Cup #5.

All the riders were soon up to race speed and giving it top banana (technical term).

It’s Friday afternoon in the UK so sit back and enjoy this DirtTV banger from the Parkin Bros.

Yeehaaaaw (as they say around these parts)

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  1. luke

    its night time in australia and ive been waiting for this bad boy all day, stoked parkin bros!! perfect delivery once again :)

  2. Andy

    I love you guys!

  3. ryan

    does Billy know Lauren is only 16

  4. Jambo

    Sick vid. Bit of a pervy ending tho 😛

  5. tarbo

    she cant be 16 if she raced last year, she has to be minimum 17

  6. smith

    sweet vid. happy ending.

  7. Eoin

    Camera was out of focus during Blinky’s interview. Only joking, great coverage, looks like a stupid amount of fun.

  8. Paul

    She’s 17, 18 in November.

    (I’m not a weirdo stalker; you piqued my curiosity as I was sure she was older than that. Her UCI code is 19931125).

    For what it’s worth though I would have guessed she was early 20s!

  9. boris the blacksmith

    sick vid but that ending is just disturbing. i wonder what her dad would think

  10. Eoin

    Damn had missed the secret ending section… Why dont you take a seat?

  11. chilli

    gee athertons manual at 3.58 is cool as f*ck.

  12. Matt

    DH? Looks more like a 4X Autobahn….

  13. KidCards

    Hahaha what a pervy ending! Keep your tongues in boys dont fall for the JB.

  14. KidCards

    Just read pauls comment, I guess that wouldnt make her JB then, still pervy as ken though. haha

  15. MmmBones

    Good Googley Moogley!

  16. The Jude Bear

    mmmh, very nice, i like, can i touch?

  17. TimBud

    Yay Fairclough!
    Great CRC train. Did you guys get a still of it?… sell it too them for a packet eh:)
    Loved the timing with the squirrel shot too.

  18. macybrok


  19. Jokke

    Awsome vid!

    Wath is wrong with u guys! it’s just a ending? who care?
    I can’t complanin!

  20. ronin

    bunch o guys on a mountain and she’s strollin round like an extra from girls gone wild?! c’mon, blenky! get there or CG will!

  21. ddmonkey

    I think big respect is due to Lauren for doing what she is doing, it can’t be easy to focus on a DH race with everyone behaving like schoolboys around you! Hope she makes it over to Champery.

  22. BT

    more endings like that please gents!

  23. Brad

    Great ending, nearly closed the window but saw that the time line had more to offer. Good choice to wait!

  24. guido

    mmmmmm. in the words of george clinton I’d like to hit it and quit it

  25. Obi Wan Kenobi


  26. Obi Wan Kenobi


  27. John

    Seemed like there was quite a few times the camera was out of focus there,several times Lauren was all blurry and Blenky was in focus at least they got it right at the end…….

  28. Marcus

    Why caps Obi Wan? And last time I checked Gwinn kills all, and Mulally is set to explode as well. America is on the up and up, and obviously we have the female inspiration…

  29. toral



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