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DirtTV: Whistler Helmet Cam madness with Fairclough and Vanderham

DirtTV: Whistler Helmet Cam madness with Fairclough and Vanderham

GoPro_StabilisedThe Parkin’s love a gadget and this contraption is a gyro stabilised GoPro mount that they stuck on Harry Heath‘s lid while he was chased down some of Whistler‘s best trails by Brendan Fairclough and Thomas Vanderham.

Taking in the loads of tracks including A-Line, Dirt Merchant and the Whip Off Worlds jumps on Crabapple Hits if this doesn’t make you want to ride we don’t know what will!

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  1. Matt

    I’m glad i’m in Milton keynes and not there, because that looks rubbish.

  2. worthy

    Whistler looks really dull

  3. mitsos

    I’ve just looked up in the dictionary for the word “fun”. It had the URL for this video…

  4. Matt

    Got some more details on that gyro setup? Is it available to purchase somewhere?

    1. David Jaquin

      All we know Matt is that the Parkin’s sourced it in China, pretty cool bit of kit though eh?

      1. simon
  5. Richard Hayter

    Great footage. One of the few helmet cam vids that really shows how fast and steep the trail is. Looks amazing!

  6. sunki

    Man I love watching Brendog ride he’s the best!

  7. Robson

    Is it possible to download this video? Case yes, how?


    1. Name

      Download a plugin (a.k.a extension) for your browser e.g. “DownloadHelper” for firefox.

  8. Gareth

    That’s pretty cool.

  9. Jack

    What’s the song called

    1. matt

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