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DirtTV: Val d’Isère World Cup Finals

DirtTV: Val d’Isère World Cup Finals

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Wowzers! Was that the most exciting World Cup race ever?!

BullDog Brook MacDonald riding flat pedals takes his first ever World Cup win in Val d’Isère with an awesome display of controlled aggression on a fast, loose and rocky track.

  1. Down n Dirty

    Like like like like you go girl . nice one Rachel.Nice one brook

  2. Paul

    Have to agree twas a goodly race. Well done Bulldog ,but big respect to luic bruni he was going great guns til that off. Minaar may not like tracks open like that, but it does make good veiwing for us at home. Gee’s looking in good form after his win at moelfre and 2nd there. It’s a shame he won’t be at caersws next weekend.

  3. SX 2

    Thanks so very much for the video!

  4. luke

    F#*k YEA BROOK! Representing Napier NZ. Thanks for the quick turnaround on all the vids Parkins bros. keep em comin.

  5. Pete

    I love every one of the Parkin’s vids but they seem to have finally hit the nail on the head this season – not too much slo mo and good soundtrack.

    Also the new player is SO much better than the old one – can’t say it enough.

    Stoked for Brook too.

  6. nana gwin

    I bet Brook is hanging out is ass this morning! well done to him and the Parkin bro’s…

  7. ddmonkey

    TUNE! :)

  8. iloper

    Cheers to Gwin and Brook. I said he’d win here…

    sad on Spagnolo, Bruni and Hill.

  9. tom

    another great edit, cheers guys

  10. simon

    Most exiting ever? Without a replay anywhere that i can find who knows? Is this down to RB being a bunch of corporate cocks?

  11. Bozo

    That was the most watchable and exciting one Ive ever seen. Awesome backdrop, cameras all the way down, flat out.
    Perfect. More like that, it was awesome.

  12. MB

    @simon: Found on RedBull.tv : We apologise for the ongoing technical issues on our website. The VOD of the weekend’s UCI MTB World Cup finals from Val d’Isère will be available as soon as we have fixed the problem. In the meantime we’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  13. simon

    Oh! Thx for that. Humble pie for me, getting the redbull jagers in right now.

  14. Benny

    Rachel Atheton is pretty funny, which makes her pretty hot too. Well done Brook, see what happens when you stay upright? Spagnolo will win one of these by about a minute if he manages to do that! Specialized riders are without doubt winning the style/fashion stakes.

  15. Jackson Five

    Yeeeeeeeeaaaahhhh! One of the best races ever!

  16. greg

    ok edit, but i got tired of listening to foo fighters after the first four or five minutes and stopped watching. Please use two songs when the vid is this long. It’s a shame, for the edit was really nice – and to be honest, is wasn’t as bad as the time you the hives came blasting out for 7mins was it?
    well, nough whining i guess. Keep up the good work, improve in one of the few spots you can

  17. hunter

    Those Bontrager tires wash out like a mofo…look at gwin over the finish line

  18. Andy Barlow

    F***ing Brilliant! Best race so far. Great edit too. Cheers

  19. Bedders

    Absolutely bloody brilliant. Awesome looking track and really good to see a new winner. Well done to Brook and Rachel.

  20. Thebear

    Definately the best race of the year! Edge of my seat….Loic….Spagnolo…..Beer…..WOAH!

    I keep saying it…Spagnolo is going to SMASH some times when it comes together for him.

    Also, FINALLY a decent interview with an Atherton. I knew it was possible…..

  21. Trip

    No relation to this but no mention of Team GB winning the endure des nations Billy?

  22. marcus

    Excellent video, good footage of the ladies and the gents. Stoked for Bulldog, and judging by the warm feelings between him and Gwinnie, perhaps he’ll be the replacement for Leov. Kiwi for a kiwi sounds good to me. Again, thx for the brilliant edit Parkin Bros, amazing how people always find something to bitch about despite the quality… Love life

  23. Ken Oath

    Not enough slo-mo 😀

  24. billy

    Trip, soz, we can’t cover every event, we’re a very small team! Team GB got a mention on the Dirt Facebook though!

  25. Bring'n'Back Da Dirt


  26. Trip

    Fair enough Billy. Wasn’t having a go. Just asking.

  27. Eoin

    But the enduro des nations isnt finished yet, right? It’s spread over 2 locations and weekends, final round is next weekend in France I think. Also kinda lame that the top 3 riders are french but not in the french team (selection is based on the national league points and the top guys didnt attend all the races). Also, the French team probably cant compete after taking a wrong turn in between stages and getting penalised by one minute per rider! See loads of drama in enduro also!!!

  28. TOBZAD

    Not like Minaar to be so negative about things, maybe he is just down about the overall? I thought it was a great track, something different with a fantastic backdrop. It weeded out several top 20 people so made it much more interesting. Hope everyone doesn’t suddenly start thinking it’s clever to ride flat pedals in a world cup downhill again!!!

  29. SX 2

    The new player shuts down safari browser.


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